Work: New hypervelocity gun could displace rail gun in next administration

Tony Bertuca | May 2, 2016
Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said Monday that current Pentagon leaders have made investments intended to position the next presidential administration to offset expected Russian and Chinese technological advancements, specifically lessons learned about a new hypervelocity gun.

GAO: Reliability risks could trip up MDA plan to meet expanded GBI fielding in 2017

Jason Sherman | May 2, 2016
The Obama administration's 2013 directive to bolster defense of the United States by 2017 against the North Korean ballistic missile threat could be tripped up by reliability issues stemming from MDA's "optimistic and aggressive" schedule for fielding a new variant of the GMD interceptor, according to a congressional audit.

House bill sets stage for antimissile blimp to be pumped up elsewhere

Sebastian Sprenger | May 2, 2016
The House Armed Services Committee last week passed a defense policy bill calling on U.S. Northern Command to think about where next to deploy the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor after a mishap near Baltimore last year.

Defense Business Alert

BWX Technologies reports sales, profit boosts

BWX Technologies said today that sales in its most recent quarter hit $365 million, up from just shy of $336 million in the same three-month period a year earlier.

Defense Budget Alert

McCain opposes OCO-to-base funding shifts; sets up likely conference issue with House

Less than a day after House authorizers approved their fiscal year 2017 defense policy bill, comments made by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ) regarding his dissatisfaction with the increasingly common practice of using the Overseas Contingency Operations money to fund the Pentagon's base budget priorities indicate that the stage is set for a major conference issue with the House.