Kendall positions new report to defend progress as Congress eyes acquisition system restructure

Tony Bertuca | Oct. 24, 2016
Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall may or may not continue to serve at his post in the next presidential administration and, if some in Congress get their way, he may be the final person to ever hold that job.

Kendall: Pentagon wants to build more competition into next-generation fighter program

Tony Bertuca | Oct. 24, 2016
Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has taught the Defense Department that the development and production of a next-generation fighter jet needs to have more on-ramps for industry competition at different phases of the program, according to Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall.

CH-53K concludes initial operational test en route to production decision

Jason Sherman | Oct. 21, 2016
The Marine Corps' $29 billion project to modernize its heavy-lift helicopter fleet has completed a two-week evaluation of the CH-53K King Stallion -- a key event in the campaign to ready the aircraft development program for low-rate production by prime contractor Sikorsky in early 2017.

Defense Business Alert

Raytheon names potential trainer manufacturing site

Raytheon announced today it would build the Air Force's next-generation trainer in Meridian, MS, if selected by the service.

Defense Budget Alert

VCNO: Navy changing POM build to emphasize strategy, realigning HQ staff to support process

The Navy is changing how it builds future budgets and realigning headquarters staff to support that change to emphasize earlier in the process the service's strategic goals, according to the vice chief of naval operations.