Adam J. Hebert

Adam J. Hebert was a writer and editor with Inside Defense until August 2002.

Archived Articles
Daily News | March 27, 2002

A recent study of tactical aviation requirements was not merely an academic exercise, Navy acquisition executive John Young said yesterday.

Daily News | March 22, 2002

Pentagon acquisition czar Pete Aldridge said today there are "eight or 10" Defense Department programs he is willing to cancel if problems with cost and management cannot be brought under control.

Daily News | March 22, 2002

The Pentagon has determined the Defense Department needs every nuclear Air-Launched Cruise Missile it has left in the inventory, signifying the end of its efforts to convert ALCMs to conventional weapons, a senior Air Force official said today.

Daily News | March 21, 2002

The Defense Department plans to retire about 2,000 nuclear warheads between fiscal years 2007 and 2012 without making major force structure changes like those coming in the next five years, according to DOD officials and documents.

Daily News | March 19, 2002

The Navy and Air Force technology graduate schools are forming an educational alliance and studying ways to eliminate overlap to strengthen the two institutions, according to officials and documents.

Daily News | March 15, 2002

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld voiced his support for the findings in the Nuclear Posture Review today, but harshly criticized the priorities of the individuals who leak classified documents to the press.

Daily News | March 14, 2002

The Air Force has determined in a new report to Congress that its technology graduate school plays a vital role in developing skilled scientists and engineers, but that funding and manpower constraints will continue for the near future.

Daily News | March 14, 2002

The Pentagon's Director of Operational Test and Evaluation plans to award a series of contracts next month that will begin development of the T&E capabilities needed to support advanced weapon systems, DOT&E officials told today.

Daily News | March 13, 2002

The Air Force is considering the creation of a science and engineering career path that would enable technically skilled officers to devote the majority of their careers to technical disciplines without penalty, according to officials and documents.

Daily News | March 13, 2002

After failing to locate the wreckage, the Air Force has called off an attempt to locate and possibly salvage a B-1 bomber that crashed into the Indian Ocean Dec. 13.

Daily News | March 7, 2002

The Air Force's year-old F-22 cost reduction effort has paid immediate dividends, allowing the service to purchase 23 Raptors in fiscal year 2003, as opposed to the 21 proposed for FY-03 just last summer, senior officials say.

Daily News | March 6, 2002

Defense Department technology officials are attempting to draw the acquisition and warfighting communities into their plans as early as possible to bridge the gap between science and operational communities, according to senior officials.

Daily News | March 5, 2002

The Pentagon is pushing to quickly field a new cruise missile capable of destroying underground targets and a Navy-led explosive detection system, two capabilities a senior-level task force recently identified as important for the war on terrorism, senior officials tell

Daily News | March 5, 2002

The Defense Department today announced the list of fiscal year 2002 advanced concept technology demonstrations, the majority of which are directly tied to the war on terrorism, officials said at a Pentagon briefing.

Daily News | March 4, 2002

A special operations helicopter was damaged in a battle with al Qaeda forces today, which led to "seven or eight" deaths in an ensuing firefight, the commander of U.S. Central Command said today.

Daily News | February 27, 2002

Attempts to transform the U.S. military into a next-generation force more responsive to emerging threats are hindered by current field exercises that are insufficient to bring about significant warfighting changes, according to a new report by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Daily News | February 27, 2002

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said today that DOD will need $12.6 billion in supplemental funding before the end of fiscal year 2002 "just to cover the cost of war" on terrorism.

Daily News | February 20, 2002

The U.S.-led war on terrorism has benefited from the cooperation of foreign governments across the Asia-Pacific region, the commander of U.S. Pacific Command said today.

Daily News | February 14, 2002

The Federal Communications Commission today approved unlicensed commercial use of ultra-wideband wireless communications devices, but only above the frequency of 3.1 gigahertz.

Daily News | February 13, 2002

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld affirmed the commitment to a military relationship between the two nations at a Pentagon press briefing today, but declined to provide details about what military arrangements or weapons deals might be in the offing.

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