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Daily News | December 9, 2004

An Army commander who led a Stryker battalion in Iraq told reporters today that he believes the vehicle is ideal for the urban-combat mission because of its unique mix of mobility and protection and wouldn't hesitate to bring it into the next vicious city firefight.

Daily News | December 6, 2004

The Army's acquisition office will host a public meeting tomorrow in Arlington, VA, a rare open forum involving the service's top acquisition official, Claude Bolton, and industry.

Daily News | November 29, 2004

Citing "recent events," acting Pentagon acquisition chief Michael Wynne has asked the Defense Science Board to review whether Defense Department and service acquisition activities are set up to ensure effective oversight of military acquisition decisions.

Daily News | November 16, 2004

The Senate today approved the president's nomination of Francis Harvey as the next Army secretary, but not before members of the Senate Armed Services Committee questioned his experience and admitted to having lobbied for the nomination of acting Army Secretary Les Brownlee.

Daily News | November 11, 2004

The Army recently dropped its widely quoted statistic that 333,000 soldiers are deployed in 120 countries after a defense analyst notified the service that the figures didn't add up.

Daily News | November 9, 2004

Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is leaving today for a three-day tour of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Daily News | October 27, 2004

The Army will need up to $40 billion in supplemental appropriations to continue operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through fiscal year 2005, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker told reporters yesterday.

Daily News | October 6, 2004

A top Air Force general who once worked side-by-side with former service acquisition executive Darleen Druyun said today he is unsure whether Druyun was telling the truth last week when she confessed to steering contracts to Boeing before taking a job with the company.

Daily News | September 8, 2004

Boeing and Lockheed Martin have been picked to begin development of aviation and maritime radios that will eventually be part of the Joint Tactical Radio System, the Defense Department announced today.

Daily News | August 11, 2004

Senior defense intelligence officials this morning acknowledged serious missteps in the postwar planning of Iraq, admitting that Pentagon officials may have ignored crucial information on a brewing insurgency because they were focused heavily on major combat operations.

Daily News | August 2, 2004

Lockheed Martin has won an $879 million contract to develop the military's Aerial Common Sensor, beating out Northrop Grumman for the bid, the Army announced this evening.

Daily News | July 14, 2004

The Army is notifying congressional leadership of changes to its Future Combat System and will announce revised plans for the program as soon as possible, a service spokeswoman said today.

Daily News | July 12, 2004

The Army this month began implementing a new personnel policy that could change how quickly enlisted soldiers are allowed to retire.

Daily News | June 22, 2004

The Army has developed a detailed, classified "campaign plan" that provides a step-by-step account of how the force will grow by 30,000 troops, reorganize into new "units of action" and rotate into Iraq and Afghanistan, a senior Army official said today.

Daily News | June 15, 2004

The Senate yesterday voted 91 to 0 to reimburse troops who bought body armor, water packs, steel plating for vehicles and other items before deploying to combat zones.

Daily News | June 15, 2004

The Army may decide to "populate" its fighting units with additional "Stryker-type" vehicles, Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker said today.

Daily News | June 2, 2004

The Army announced today it will bar all soldiers -- active and reserve -- in units slated to rotate into Iraq or Afghanistan from leaving the service, until those units finish their combat tours.

Daily News | May 17, 2004

The Pentagon is sending approximately 3,600 troops stationed in South Korea to Iraq to help forces there, Defense Department officials told reporters today.

Daily News | May 5, 2004

The House Armed Services Committee will propose the Pentagon add 30,000 Army soldiers and 9,000 Marines to the military over the next three years under a plan that would eventually cost $4 billion a year to support, according to panel members.

Daily News | April 21, 2004

A panel of experts on electromagnetic pulse weapons will not testify as expected tomorrow before the House Armed Services Committee.

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