Audrey Decker

Audrey Decker is an Inside Defense Navy reporter. She has previously covered Maryland state politics for Capital News Service. She is a 2021 graduate from the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.

Archived Articles
Daily News | January 18, 2022

The Navy and its industry partners say ongoing congressional dysfunction is making it harder for the service to plot a path forward to increase its number of unmanned systems and invest in other emerging technologies.

Daily News | January 14, 2022

The Navy will pilot a program to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning on the service's "biggest lever" -- the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, Capt. Scott Larson, program manager of surface ship readiness and sustainment, said Wednesday.

Daily News | January 13, 2022

The Navy expects to deliver four Ship-to-Shore Connector amphibious craft per year, Capt. Scot Searles, SSC program manager, said on Wednesday.

Daily News | January 13, 2022

The Navy will complete its force structure assessment on amphibious warships by the end of March, Capt. Cedric McNeal, amphibious warfare program manager, said on Wednesday.

Daily News | January 12, 2022

The Navy is prioritizing a new hull and integrated power system for its next-generation destroyer program, Katie Connelly, DDG(X) deputy program manager, said today.

Daily News | January 11, 2022

The Navy will stand up Unmanned Surface Vessel Division One this summer to shape the service's decision-making process before the acquisition of USVs, Vice Adm. Roy Kitchener, commander of Naval Surface Forces, said today.

Daily News | January 6, 2022

The future of maritime security in the Middle East relies on coalition efforts between nations, a retired Navy official said today.

The Insider | January 5, 2022

The Navy is looking for information on autonomous technologies that would support safe navigation in the service's ships and submarines, according to a request for information released Monday.

Daily News | January 4, 2022

The Navy has successfully completed underwater explosion shock testing on the Unmanned Influence Sweep System, part of the service’s mine countermeasure technologies.

The Insider | January 3, 2022

The Marine Corps is asking industry for information on interceptors that would defeat enemy unmanned aircraft systems.

Daily News | December 29, 2021

The Navy is using an implementation framework to incorporate its unmanned campaign plan throughout the service and deliver a larger, hybrid fleet of manned and unmanned platforms.

The Insider | December 21, 2021

The Navy is asking industry for design and construction proposals for the Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship.

The Insider | December 21, 2021

The Navy is requesting information from industry and academia to explore autonomous performance prediction and fault mitigation for unmanned undersea vehicles.

The Insider | December 20, 2021

The Navy will not finish its Offensive Surface Fires analysis of alternatives on the Large Unmanned Surface Vessel until next year.

The Insider | December 20, 2021

Boeing announced today its MQ-25 Stingray T1 test asset has successfully maneuvered aboard a Navy aircraft carrier.

Daily News | December 17, 2021

Navy warfare centers are seeing a growing emphasis on unmanned systems, including the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division.

Daily News | December 16, 2021

ST. LOUIS -- Boeing is using digital models to bridge the gap between its MQ-25 Stingray T1 prototype and the aircraft the company will build for the Navy.

Daily News | December 16, 2021

ST. LOUIS -- Boeing is going to convert the Navy's F/A-18E/F Super Hornets to the most advanced version of the fighter jet -- at a fast pace. (UPDATED)

The Insider | December 13, 2021

The Navy's 5th Fleet has begun operationally testing the Saildrone unmanned surface vessel in the northern Red Sea as part of exercise Digital Horizon.

Daily News | December 10, 2021

The Navy's new Fleet Infrastructure Optimization Plan to modernize aviation depots has started to reach the service's bases.

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