Audrey Decker

Audrey Decker was an Inside Defense Navy reporter until February 2023. She previously covered Maryland state politics for Capital News Service. She is a 2021 graduate from the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.

Archived Articles
Daily News | December 20, 2022

House and Senate appropriators are providing $31.9 billion for the Navy to buy 11 ships in 2023, the same number as congressional authorizers but falling short by $600 million of the amount the policy bill provides.

Daily News | December 16, 2022

As the Navy's key installations are confronted by the drastic effects of climate change, two prominent California schools have joined forces to tackle sustainability and climate issues, a partnership the sea service's top civilian official said will advance thinking on topics from fuel alternatives to future platforms.

The Insider | December 15, 2022

The Navy is working on a classified report to brief service leadership next year on the future of its vertical lift program and has asked for industry input.

Daily News | December 14, 2022

During a three-week maritime exercise in the Middle East featuring an array of unmanned systems, the Navy relied on an IT-focused contractor to collect data from its platforms and create a single operational picture for operators.

Daily News | December 8, 2022

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has spurred leaders in the defense pact between Australia, United Kingdom and United States to consider how they could rapidly field capability in the interim while the tripartite agreement -- known as AUKUS -- likely won't deliver submarines for several years.

Daily News | December 7, 2022

Congress has authorized $32.6 billion for Navy shipbuilding in its annual defense policy bill, increasing the proposed shipbuilding budget by $4.7 billion, and makes a major adjustment to the service's ship decommissioning plans.

Daily News | December 6, 2022

SIMI VALLEY, CA -- After fighting ground wars for the past 20 years, the Pentagon has pivoted its focus to the Pacific but is playing catch-up to increase the number of U.S. shipyards needed to expand capacity for programs the Navy hopes to grow, such as the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and Virginia-class submarine.

Daily News | December 6, 2022

SIMI VALLEY, CA -- Amidst reports that more amphibious ships are on the Navy's future chopping block, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger said he remains confident that the services will be copacetic as the importance of amphibs is known across the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.

Daily News | December 5, 2022

SIMI VALLEY, CA -- The Pentagon's rapid defense experimentation reserve is likely to see consistent funding requests moving forward, the Defense Department's chief technology officer said Saturday, a set-up that will encourage officials throughout the military to "tighten your belts a little" as the fledgling undertaking moves toward beginning and sustaining its demonstration efforts in the coming months.

Daily News | December 5, 2022

SIMI VALLEY, CA -- In addition to prioritizing its major acquisition programs, the Navy will make material investments for future Ford-class aircraft carriers in its fiscal year 2024 budget request and ask Congress to let the service decommission more cruisers.

Daily News | December 3, 2022

SIMI VALLEY, CA -- The Defense Department will partner with the Small Business Administration to advance its newly established office to invest in critical technology areas by using an SBA program to administer loans to investors.

Daily News | December 1, 2022

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro has sent a letter to Congress warning that ongoing budget gridlock could cause the Navy to delay maintenance on ships and aircraft and force the service to make "trade-offs" to continue to operate.

The Insider | November 30, 2022

The America-class amphibious assault carrier Tripoli (LHA-7) returned from its maiden deployment on Tuesday, after operating for seven months in the Indo-Pacific.

The Insider | November 29, 2022

The Navy is considering re-opening a contract to include more industry partners to build various payloads and subsystems for its portfolio of unmanned surface vehicles.

Daily News | November 29, 2022

A Navy warfare laboratory has developed a concept for a logistics tool to aid naval forces after the department hosted an internal think-tank competition focused on expeditionary warfare.

Daily News | November 28, 2022

As the Pentagon invests in new technologies to maintain a strategic advantage over its adversaries, the Navy is exploring quantum technology to potentially deliver new warfighting capabilities including quantum sensing, computing and network communications.

The Insider | November 22, 2022

A year after a petroleum leak from the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Facility contaminated water in Hawaii, Navy officials say defueling the facility and spreading fuel around to various locations in the Pacific will increase the service's readiness.

Daily News | November 18, 2022

The Navy has seen Chinese military operations in the Pacific ease following China's initial, extensive military drills after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited Taiwan this summer, according to a top fleet commander.

Daily News | November 17, 2022

After test-driving stealth destroyer Zumwalt (DDG-1000) in the Indo-Pacific for three months, the Navy's troubled ship class had a successful first employment but will undergo more upgrades and testing before it conducts a full deployment.

The Insider | November 17, 2022

As the Navy's Triton unmanned aircraft program triples its theater requirements over the next two years, the service hopes to shake off the perception that its unmanned platforms might require less manpower and fewer resources than manned systems.

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