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Courtney Albon is Inside the Air Force's managing editor. She has covered the Air Force since 2012, reporting largely on space programs and fighter aircraft acquisition, development and budget from inside Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and from military installations around the United States. Courtney previously worked as a general assignment reporter at The Ashland Times-Gazette in Ashland, OH, covering education and local government. She graduated from American University in 2008, where she studied journalism and sociology.

Daily News | February 17, 2017

The Air Force said this week it will scrap parts of its strategy to replace the legacy Space-Based Space Surveillance satellite system, attributing the change of plans to its newly adopted, largely classified Space Enterprise Vision.

Daily News | February 17, 2017

Defense Department space policy officials told Congress in a recent report that Federal Communications Commission acceptance of Europe's Galileo positioning, navigation and timing system would help address rising concerns about resiliency in the U.S. GPS constellation.

Daily News | February 17, 2017

The commander of the 388th Fighter Wing, which operates F-35As at Hill Air Force Base, UT, said this week that widely reported development problems with the stealthy jet's diagnostics and health management system have become a "non-event" for the wing as the system matures and new software is fielded.

Daily News | February 17, 2017

The F-35 program manager told Congress this week the program incurs an additional $30 million in costs for every six months initial operational test and evaluation is delayed -- one of several reasons he has pushed for an early start to the key testing phase.

Daily News | February 16, 2017

The Air Force may consider speeding up its procurement plans for the F-35A, but has cautioned that doing so prior to the delivery of Block 4 in the early 2020s would add considerable retrofit costs to the program.

Daily News | February 15, 2017

Amid reports from industry and the Air Force of peaked interest in a possible B-52 engine replacement, the service recently indicated it has started developing an acquisition strategy and, if it opts to pursue the effort, may release a request for proposals in 2020.

The Insider | February 13, 2017

Air Force Air Combat Command is looking for a quick-turnaround, 500-pound precision-guided bomb that could be fielded on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter as soon as this year.

Daily News | February 10, 2017

The F-35 joint program office and Lockheed Martin are reviewing the program's schedule for releasing software Block 3F to its full mission simulators and may consider distributing the upgrade in two phases.

Daily News | February 08, 2017

As top Democratic lawmakers call for a new round of base realignments and closures, Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen Wilson said Tuesday he supports the effort, pointing to a 25 percent excess in base capacity across the service.

Daily News | February 07, 2017

Despite the narrowing competitive field for the Air Force's $16.3 billion T-X development effort, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein told reporters Tuesday he is "still pretty optimistic" about the program and is unsurprised some companies decided the service's approach did not align with their business strategies.

Daily News | February 06, 2017

The F-35 joint program office said today that its Feb. 3 announcement of a multibillion-dollar contract to Lockheed Martin for the 10th low-rate initial production lot was a handshake agreement, and the final award will not be made for "weeks."

Daily News | February 03, 2017

The Air Force's top uniformed officer praised House lawmakers on Friday for their focus on improving the Defense Department's space acquisition system and advocated for an "honest discussion" about where buying authority should reside.

Daily News | February 03, 2017

The F-35 joint program office on Friday awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to produce 90 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft in low-rate initial production Lot 10 -- after more than a year of negotiations.

The Insider | February 03, 2017

After two anticipated bidders for the T-X trainer dropped out of the competition in the last two weeks, newcomer Stavatti Aerospace announced Feb. 2 it would enter its twin-engine, very light Javelin fighter into the competition.

Daily News | February 03, 2017

The Air Force recently released its new energy flight plan that details efforts to improve energy resilience over the next 20 years in an evolving threat environment, and the officials who helped craft the plan expect its mission-driven focus will allow it to endure through the new presidential administration.

Daily News | February 03, 2017

As the Air Force approaches the most extensive modernization effort its small B-2 bomber fleet will likely ever undergo, the task of identifying a test aircraft has proven more difficult than expected.

The Insider | February 03, 2017

The Air Force will explore ways to coordinate its command, control, computers, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and cyberspace portfolios at a technology interchange meeting Aug. 21 to 25 in Rome, NY.

Daily News | January 31, 2017

President Trump on Monday announced that a forthcoming "deal" to buy 90 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters would save $600 million, but program officials and prime contractor Lockheed Martin would not confirm the president's figures or the nature of the deal -- though it aligns closely with affordability plans the program has been discussing for months. (UPDATED)

Daily News | January 27, 2017

Defense Secretary James Mattis has ordered reviews of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization programs -- two significant Air Force development efforts targeted for "out-of-control costs" by President Trump.

The Insider | January 27, 2017

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