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Courtney Albon is senior editor for aviation and space at Inside Defense. She has covered the Air Force since 2012, reporting largely on space programs and fighter aircraft acquisition, development and budget from inside Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and from military installations around the United States. Courtney previously worked as a general assignment reporter at The Ashland Times-Gazette in Ashland, OH, covering education and local government. She graduated from American University in 2008, where she studied journalism and sociology.

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Daily News | September 13, 2018

DAYTON, OH -- The program executive officer in charge of the Air Force's fighter and bomber fleets said this week his directorate is facing a significant modernization bow wave that is making it difficult to balance aircraft availability with the need for improved capability for an aging workhorse fleet.

Daily News | September 13, 2018

DAYTON, OH -- As the Air Force looks for opportunities to use new rapid prototyping authorities, the service's acquisition executive said this week he's concerned early failures could lead to pushback from within the service and from lawmakers.

The Insider | September 11, 2018

The Air Force this week awarded Boeing a $2.9 billion contract for the fourth KC-46 tanker production lot, which includes 18 new refuelers slated for deliver by 2022.

The Insider | September 07, 2018

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency today announced plans for a “multiyear” $2 billion investment in artificial intelligence technology aimed at advancing machine learning capabilities to be more adaptable.

Space Briefing | September 06, 2018

Welcome to today's Space Briefing, a biweekly roundup of the latest national security space news. We're sending this to all current SITREP subscribers to introduce this new service. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of this email.

Daily News | September 06, 2018

The chairman and ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee this week said they are hopeful efforts to reform national security space organization and management remain bipartisan -- regardless of which party is in charge after the November election.

Daily News | September 05, 2018

The Air Force later this month will roll out its vision for a right-sized service that can meet the demands of the National Defense Strategy, focusing on the importance of the service's squadrons rather than the size of its aircraft fleet.

The Insider | September 05, 2018

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said today she is in "complete alignment" with President Trump's plan for a Space Force, despite her past criticism of plans to significantly reorganize the Defense Department's space mission.

The Insider | September 05, 2018

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved a key certification required to begin deliveries of the new KC-46 tanker, Boeing announced this week.

The Insider | August 31, 2018

Here are some must-reads from this week's edition of Inside the Air Force.

Daily News | August 30, 2018

The Defense Department confirmed this week it is taking steps to create a new assistant secretary of defense for space to manage the transition to a Space Force.

Daily News | August 30, 2018

A new document justifying the Air Force's decision to sole-source development of the first three Next-Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared satellites to Lockheed Martin reveals new details about the program, including the service's plans to acquire sufficient data rights to enable future competition.

Daily News | August 29, 2018

The Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center expects by September to begin implementing new procedures to hold contractors responsible for poor performance.

The Insider | August 24, 2018

It's largely understood that the decision about whether to create a Space Force will ultimately be left up to lawmakers, but a congressional think tank recently raised the possibility that a literal reading of constitutional authorities could call into question the roles of the legislative and executive branches in establishing and commanding a new military department for space.

Space Briefing | August 23, 2018

Welcome to today's Space Briefing, a biweekly roundup of the latest national security space news. We're sending this to all current SITREP subscribers to introduce this new product. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of this email.

Daily News | August 23, 2018

As the Pentagon works at the direction of the White House to craft a legislative proposal for a new Space Force that many top officials did not want, experts say the administration's National Space Council could play a significant role in building a case and drumming up support for the new military department.

Daily News | August 22, 2018

A new report from the RAND Corp. finds that creating a flying-only track for commissioned Air Force officers could help the service retain and recruit pilots.

The Insider | August 17, 2018

A new Defense Department inspector general report found Air Force Space Command's supply chain could be vulnerable to adversary infiltration because of poorly implemented risk-management policies.

Daily News | August 16, 2018

Boeing expects the Federal Aviation Administration later this month to approve a key supplemental certification for the new KC-46 tanker fleet later this month -- one of a few remaining hurdles the company must overcome before it delivers the first aircraft this fall.

Daily News | August 15, 2018

As lawmakers press the Defense Department for more details about the cause of increased aviation mishap rates, a recent Government Accountability Office report highlights a lack of standardization and enforcement in mishap data reporting from the services that is limiting the accuracy and breadth of the department's analysis on mishap trends.

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