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Courtney Albon is senior editor for aviation and space at Inside Defense. She has covered the Air Force since 2012, reporting largely on space programs and fighter aircraft acquisition, development and budget from inside Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and from military installations around the United States. Courtney previously worked as a general assignment reporter at The Ashland Times-Gazette in Ashland, OH, covering education and local government. She graduated from American University in 2008, where she studied journalism and sociology.

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The Insider | January 02, 2019

Boeing and the Air Force have yet to finalize the delivery of the first KC-46 tanker, which was most recently slated to happen by the end of 2018.

Daily News | December 27, 2018

An Air Force team is crafting a study on live, virtual and constructive training concepts meant to inform near-term budget and strategy around how to improve training for fifth-generation aircraft.

Daily News | December 20, 2018

The Defense Department is working on an amendment to its acquisition rules that would place more restrictions on procurement of some foreign commercial satellite services and would prohibit the purchase of items from some Chinese military companies.

The Insider | December 20, 2018

A GPS III launch slated to fly from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL, today has been canceled due to weather concerns at the launch site.

Daily News | December 19, 2018

The Pentagon has classified a congressionally required Center for Naval Analyses report recommending a roadmap for standing up an independent Space Force. 

Daily News | December 19, 2018

The Air Force confirmed this week Lockheed Martin is expected to be several months behind on delivering a key upgrade to the legacy GPS Operational Control Segment -- a modification that was designed to mitigate the impact of delays to the Next-Generation Operational Control Segment. (UPDATED)

Daily News | December 19, 2018

SpaceX's upcoming GPS III satellite could set the stage for future Air Force reusable launch missions, according to launch officials.

The Insider | December 19, 2018

The GPS III launch scheduled to fly today on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is delayed as the company and the Air Force determine the cause of an “out-of-family reading” on the rocket’s first stage sensors.

Daily News | December 19, 2018

The Air Force has yet to reveal much detail on how it will achieve its vision to grow from 312 operational squadrons to 386, but a series of wargaming and planning efforts slated to begin next year should help the service understand its options for addressing near- and long-term threats.

The Insider | December 18, 2018

A GPS III launch slated to fly today on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has been delayed until Wednesday due to an "out-of-family reading" on one of the launch vehicle's first-stage sensors.

Daily News | December 17, 2018

Amid media reports the White House may announce the establishment of U.S. Space Command Tuesday, multiple sources tell Inside Defense the Pentagon is still working through key details of those plans, including where to locate the new combatant command.

Space Briefing | December 13, 2018

Welcome to today's Space Briefing, a biweekly roundup of the latest national security space news.

Daily News | December 13, 2018

MOORESTOWN, NJ -- Lockheed Martin is exploring opportunities to leverage software developed for the Air Force's Space Fence radar into its work on the Long-Range Discrimination Radar the company is building for the Missile Defense Agency.

Daily News | December 13, 2018

The Air Force is working with the F-35 joint program office and prime contractor Lockheed Martin to apply agile software development techniques used by the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab to the troubled Autonomic Logistics Information System.

Daily News | December 13, 2018

The official in charge of crafting Air Force weather and space environmental doctrine said this week one of the biggest challenges the service has faced as it works to modernize space weather ground stations is protecting and verifying data.

The Insider | December 12, 2018

Air Force Space Command announced today it has assumed authority for commercial satellite communications services procurement -- a role traditionally filled by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Daily News | December 11, 2018

A new Congressional Budget Office report estimates the unit cost of a new fighter jet to replace the F-22 and F-15 C/D at about $300 million and projects the Air Force's yearly procurement spending on the new aircraft will peak in 2030 at about $9 billion in 2018 dollars.

The Insider | December 06, 2018

The F-35 joint program office announced today the program has officially entered the initial operational test and evaluation phase.

Daily News | December 06, 2018

The Air Force's space acquisition hub achieved initial operational capability in November for a major reorganization, a development that comes as the Pentagon considers major management shifts that could change the way the Defense Department buys and operates space capability.

The Insider | December 06, 2018

The B-21 bomber has completed its critical design review, the Air Force confirmed this week.

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