Courtney McBride

Courtney McBride was the managing editor of Inside the Army until May 2018. She previously worked for Hotline and National Journal. A native of the Philadelphia area, she studied the modern Middle East at the University of Pennsylvania.

Archived Articles
The Insider | November 10, 2015

The revised fiscal year 2016 defense policy bill cleared the Senate on a 91-3 vote today.

Daily News | November 9, 2015

The head of U.S. forces in Europe wants the Pentagon to collaborate with industry to ensure the United States' ability to operate successfully amid anti-access/area denial challenges posed by the Russian military.

The Insider | November 5, 2015

The House today passed a revised version of the fiscal year 2016 defense policy bill on a 370-58 vote.

The Insider | November 2, 2015

The White House’s deputy national security adviser said Nov. 2 that the U.S. special operators deploying to Syria will not have a combat mission, but acknowledged that in limited circumstances, they could play a combat role.

Daily News | November 2, 2015

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said he expects negotiators to finalize $5 billion in cuts to defense spending today, in accordance with the figures outlined in the two-year budget agreement reached last week and signed into law by President Obama on Monday.

Daily News | October 30, 2015

A senior defense official on Oct. 30 described the plan to move “less than 50 individuals” from U.S. special operations forces to Syria in support of local groups as “a start” to intensify efforts in the region to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Daily News | October 30, 2015

During an Oct. 30 briefing at the Pentagon, the head of U.S. European Command said the intelligence community has moved to address a deficiency with respect to Russia -- a shift for which he is “thankful.”

The Insider | October 29, 2015

One member of the Senate Armed Services Committee believes the United States' counter-ISIL operations in Syria constitute “a war that does not have sufficient legal justification.”

The Insider | October 28, 2015

A proposed bipartisan budget agreement passed the House today by a vote of 226-167.

Daily News | October 23, 2015

The head of U.S. Southern Command warned this week that a long-term continuing resolution would prove "catastrophic" for his domain.

Daily News | October 22, 2015

Adm. Cecil Haney, head of U.S. Strategic Command, is adamant that the nation needs to invest in nuclear modernization, but offered little insight into ongoing Defense Department efforts to address the massive bill headed for the Pentagon's strained budget.

Daily News | October 21, 2015

The Missile Defense Agency is working to update its Ground-based Missile Defense system ahead of a pair of critical tests in the coming years.

The Insider | October 20, 2015

The United States and Russia have signed a memorandum of understanding governing manned and unmanned aircraft over Syria, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook told reporters today.

Daily News | October 16, 2015

The Defense Department inspector general plans to review the military services' spending in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, the U.S. mission to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, according to a statement from the IG's office.

Daily News | October 9, 2015

The deputy commander of U.S. Cyber Command on Oct. 9 said the Defense Department has made steady progress in establishing the core element of its tactical force in cyberspace, but that further progress is contingent on funding for a new, 24/7 training capability.

The Insider | October 7, 2015

The Senate voted 70-27 on today to agree to the conference report on the fiscal year 2016 defense authorization bill, which passed the House on a 270-156 vote Oct. 1.

Daily News | October 6, 2015

Gen. John Campbell, head of Resolution Support Mission and U.S. Forces Afghanistan, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Oct. 6 that events on the ground necessitate a change in the Obama administration's plan for a sustained presence in the country after 2016.

Daily News | October 6, 2015

The United States is awarding contracts to Insitu to supply the air forces of Kenya and Cameroon with unmanned aerial systems in an effort to help the nations address ongoing terrorism threats within their borders.

Daily News | October 2, 2015

The Defense Department is reprogramming $89 million from fiscal year 2015, partly to address the fallout from a security breach at the Office of Personnel Management affecting 21.5 million people.

The Insider | September 25, 2015

Amid a looming government shutdown and rumors of a conservative plot to oust him, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced Friday that he will resign his seat Oct. 30.

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