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The Insider | October 29, 2008

We've been reporting this week on some fascinating new reports from the Defense Business Board that are worth wrapping up here given their focus on what comes next.

The Insider | October 27, 2008

Foreign Policy magazine's latest issue has something worth your time if you're tracking the transition to a new administration.

The Insider | October 22, 2008

Sen. Obama met today with his high-level national security advisory team, according to the campaign.

The Insider | October 21, 2008

Inside the Navy this week runs a story on how the service sees the next administration's National Security Strategy as key to its future course.

The Insider | October 17, 2008

A quick note today on a new Inside the Air Force story about the future of space -- that is, the U.S. military's dominance of space.

The Insider | October 15, 2008

Foreign Affairs has released its latest issue early, and in it is a good look at what an Obama administration might do on nuclear policy -- written by two Obama advisers.

The Insider | October 14, 2008

Whether the economic downturn will hit defense spending remains a theme out there, with a couple of new stories of note to tell you about.

The Insider | October 10, 2008

What's the word on Wall Street today?

The Insider | October 10, 2008

Inside the Air Force today runs a story that should be of interest to all, taking a look at the likely impacts of the congressional races on national security.

The Insider | October 10, 2008

Monday's Inside the Army -- already posted -- carries a good piece on the service's transition efforts.

The Insider | October 9, 2008

A bit of a grab bag this morning.

The Insider | October 9, 2008

More on the transition -- AP reports the president has signed an executive order designed "to help coordinate efforts already under way to ensure a seamless transition."

The Insider | October 1, 2008

Tomorrow DC-based defense reporters get to question former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig, a top adviser to Barack Obama and a guy rumored to be on the short list for defense secretary should Obama win.

The Insider | September 30, 2008

Defense Secretary Robert Gates gave a speech yesterday that's receiving a ton of attention, so we've put it up here.

The Insider | September 30, 2008

A look at the current Defense Acquisition Board schedule turns up some interesting programs scheduled for reviews between now and the end of the year – perhaps the last reviews to be conducted by this administration’s defense leadership.

The Insider | September 24, 2008

With news breaking all over the place about Sen. McCain's attempt to call off the debate Friday night while he and others work on the economy, we turn to Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas for a preview of what to expect when and if McCain and Obama do get together and talk national security:

The Insider | September 23, 2008

The Times today has a must-read on Afghanistan, reporting on four separate reviews under way.

The Insider | September 23, 2008

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is making news today for comments made at a hearing on Capitol Hill, where the subject was Iraq and how/when/if to get out.

The Insider | September 22, 2008

The New York Times today takes a good look at what the two campaigns are doing to get ready for a transition of power should they win.

The Insider | September 22, 2008

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) spoke for the Obama campaign today at the 130th General Conference of the National Guard Association of the United States, held in Baltimore.

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