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Daily News | December 11, 2012

The Air Force's third Orbital Test Vehicle was successfully launched today from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL, marking a return to Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle operations after a two-month delay.

The Insider | December 7, 2012

The United Launch Alliance announced this afternoon that it has identified the problem experienced by its Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle rocket booster during an October Air Force launch, and ULA says it is confident there is no risk that a launch planned for Tuesday will go awry.

Daily News | December 6, 2012

The Defense Department has delayed a high-level review of the Air Force's requirement for a new T-X advanced trainer aircraft program until at least next year, allowing the service additional time to explore with aircraft makers how its desired capabilities are linked to projected costs, according to Pentagon officials.

Daily News | December 3, 2012

The Air Force plans to meet with industry in early 2013 to discuss the status of the service's T-X trainer replacement program, which has been repeatedly delayed due to financial considerations.

Daily News | November 30, 2012

The F-35 program office announced today that it has "reached an agreement in principle" with Lockheed Martin on a long-delayed contract for the production of a fifth lot of F-35 jets.

The Insider | November 28, 2012

Speaking in New York today, Northrop Grumman CEO Wes Bush suggested that the end of seemingly interminable negotiations between Lockheed Martin and the Defense Department on the fifth production lot of the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft may finally be in sight.

Daily News | November 9, 2012

The Defense Department has notified lawmakers of a proposal to sell 25 new tanker and cargo aircraft to Saudi Arabia for a projected cost of nearly $7 billion, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced today.

Daily News | November 8, 2012

After dedicating seven years and more than $1 billion to the program, the Air Force has decided to terminate the Expeditionary Combat Support System, a key piece in the service's plan to reach financial auditability by 2017.

Daily News | November 7, 2012

An investigation into a problematic GPS satellite launch in October is far from complete, which may delay a number of planned launches, according to the head of Air Force Space Command.

Daily News | November 2, 2012

The Air Force's upcoming launch of the third X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle has been postponed another two weeks, to Nov. 27, to give the service and its launch provider extra time to investigate a flawed launch in early October.

Daily News | November 2, 2012

Air Force officials will be meeting with industry later this month to help mature potential concepts for the service's future intercontinental ballistic missile posture -- an enterprise known as Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent the Air Force is working to better define.

The Insider | October 30, 2012

The Defense Department spent slightly more than $21 billion in fiscal year 2012 on classified military intelligence programs, according to a brief news release issued this morning.

Daily News | October 23, 2012

Senior leaders from the Army and Navy said yesterday that their services are already planning for sequestration or will soon begin doing so, but the Air Force has not started to plan and will not until formal guidance from the Office of Management and Budget is issued.

The Insider | October 12, 2012

Air Force Space Command has decided to convene an accident investigation board (AIB) to look into the flawed but ultimately successful launch of a Global Positioning System satellite last week.

Daily News | October 9, 2012

The United Launch Alliance detected an unanticipated "data signature" on one of the engines that powered the launch of the Air Force's newest Global Positioning System satellite last week, an issue that caused the rocket's upper-stage engine to provide lower thrust than expected.

Daily News | October 4, 2012

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL -- A senior United Launch Alliance official said this week that the lack of a formal fiscal year 2013 contract for launch services between the company and the Air Force could endanger the timing of launches scheduled for FY-15, as well as possibly one launch in FY-14.

The Insider | October 4, 2012

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL -- The Air Force’s third Global Positioning System IIF satellite was successfully launched this morning from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL.

Daily News | September 19, 2012

The Pentagon, in conjunction with the State and Commerce departments, must continue to seek a better export-control system despite inaction from members of Congress, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said today.

The Insider | September 18, 2012

Maj. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, the incoming program executive officer for the Joint Strike Fighter program, made some news (and raised some eyebrows) yesterday with what he termed "straight talk" on the history and state of the program.

Daily News | September 17, 2012

The next Joint Strike Fighter program executive officer today delivered a blunt assessment of the major changes needed to the way the F-35 is managed -- primary among them a reset of the relationship between manufacturer Lockheed Martin and the program office, which he termed "the worst I’ve ever seen."

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