Jason Sherman

Jason Sherman is a reporter for Inside Defense. For more than two decades -- including stints with Defense News and Armed Forces Journal -- he has covered the Pentagon, defense industry, the military budget, weapon system acquisition and defense policy formulation as well as reporting on technology, business, and global arms trade. Jason has traveled to more than 40 countries, studied medieval history at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and lives in Brooklyn.

Archived Articles
Daily News | April 20, 2005

The Pentagon is considering trimming the Navy's planned fleet of 11 aircraft carriers to 10 in order to find money for new military capabilities needed to better contend with irregular, catastrophic and disruptive challenges, according to Pentagon sources and documents.

Daily News | April 18, 2005

The 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review is set to take up what the White House calls one of the greatest security challenges facing the United States -- the prospect of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists or hostile states.

Daily News | April 15, 2005

The Navy is drafting a new strategy to guide its transition from a fleet optimized to fight a conventional adversary on the high seas to a service better able to deal with a wider range of threats presented by the global war on terrorism.

Daily News | April 14, 2005

Senior military officials leading last Saturday's inaugural Quadrennial Defense Review meeting determined that one of the capabilities essential for an effective military contribution to homeland defense does not reside in a camouflaged warehouse or combat schoolhouse.

Daily News | April 12, 2005

An advisory panel to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is evaluating the long-term viability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile in an assessment that could lay the groundwork for a new class of nuclear weapons.

Daily News | April 8, 2005

Decisions on weapon system investments made in the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review are set to dominate changes to the Pentagon's spending plans this fall, according to defense documents and officials.

Daily News | April 7, 2005

The Defense Department is directing the services to consider the capabilities needed to aid civil authorities in the aftermath of massive terrorist attacks on at least two American cities.

Daily News | April 6, 2005

Senior Pentagon officials this Saturday will delve into nightmarish scenarios of catastrophic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in a bid to figure out how the military can best defend the American homeland and provide support to civil authorities in the aftermath of such an attack.

Daily News | April 5, 2005

The Navy and Coast Guard are considering expanding a cooperative port harbor surveillance pilot program to give more American harbors a command and control operations center capable of coordinating a response to a maritime terrorist threat.

Daily News | April 5, 2005

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has nominated Army Lt. Gen. William Wallace for a fourth star and a new position -- head of the service's Training and Doctrine Command at Ft. Monroe, VA.

Daily News | April 1, 2005

The Pentagon is examining what to do with the Office of Force Transformation in wake of the January retirement of Arthur Cebrowski, the founder and intellectual leader of the shop that was set up to help the military prepare for the future.

Daily News | March 31, 2005

The World Bank executive board's unanimous decision to approve Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz as its next president will soon deprive the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review of one of its most important leaders at a critical time.

Daily News | March 30, 2005

The Pentagon's acquisition executive is preparing to marshal investments across the U.S. military to put in place cutting-edge logistics capabilities that are essential to the Defense Department's plans to transform from an Industrial Age force to an Information Age force.

Daily News | March 29, 2005

The Navy is planning to adjust its near-term investment strategy in order to better handle future missions in the global war on terrorism, a move that service officials hope will anticipate recommendations from the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review expected later this summer.

Daily News | March 28, 2005

The Pentagon for the first time is inviting representatives from other executive branch agencies to participate in its Quadrennial Defense Review as it tries to identify the roles and missions of the federal government that need adjusting to deal with new security challenges.

Daily News | March 25, 2005

After weeks of glowing press around the world for providing disaster relief to areas stricken by the December tsunami that devastated coastal communities along the Indian Ocean, the Navy is conducting a review of aspects of its operation that did not go well.

Daily News | March 24, 2005

Navy and CIA strategists have crafted a new framework for thinking about future threats that is being used to inform the sea service's 2007 budget proposal, and it may influence the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review, according to a senior service official.

Daily News | March 23, 2005

The Pentagon plans to lash up U.S. military personnel with Iraq's fledgling security force in a new, two-pronged approach to improve Iraqi combat effectiveness against insurgents by providing a wide range of support, including the ability to call for U.S. air strikes.

Daily News | March 22, 2005

A sweeping defense review now under way may usher significant changes to what Pentagon officials call its "force planning construct" -- a key metric for shaping U.S. war plans, justifying the total size of the uniformed ranks and establishing the roster of needed combat gear, according to a senior Pentagon official.

Daily News | March 21, 2005

The fate of billions of dollars in spending on weapon systems will be weighed in a series of Saturday meetings over the next few months, guiding the work of a key panel leading the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review's deliberations of future military capabilities.

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