Jason Sherman

Jason Sherman is a reporter for Inside Defense. For more than two decades -- including stints with Defense News and Armed Forces Journal -- he has covered the Pentagon, defense industry, the military budget, weapon system acquisition and defense policy formulation as well as reporting on technology, business, and global arms trade. Jason has traveled to more than 40 countries, studied medieval history at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and lives in Brooklyn.

Archived Articles
Daily News | August 17, 2005

A senior advisory panel to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is drawing up recommendations for how to improve defenses against the scourge of U.S. forces in Iraq -- roadside bombs.

Daily News | August 16, 2005

Gordon England, acting deputy defense secretary, is preparing to move the Quadrennial Defense Review into a final round of analysis that will set the stage for senior military leaders to determine the fate of weapon system programs worth billions of dollars, as well as the size and shape of the armed forces.

Daily News | August 12, 2005

The Defense Department next week will simulate a devastating nuclear terrorist attack against Charleston, SC, in an exercise designed to improve military support to civil authorities dealing with the aftermath of such a catastrophe.

Daily News | August 11, 2005

Saudi Arabia has deployed its most capable fighter aircraft to the United States to participate in the U.S. Air Force's premier airpower training exercise for the first time in more than two decades.

Daily News | August 10, 2005

The Defense Department has proposed joint exercises with the Mexican armed forces as part of a gradual nurturing of military-to-military relations that the Pentagon regards as essential to improving defense of the U.S. homeland.

Daily News | August 8, 2005

The Pentagon's acquisition executive has agreed to extend interim contracts to the shipyards developing the Navy's next-generation DD(X) destroyer, allowing the companies to keep engineering and design teams in place while the Defense Department considers a new acquisition strategy for the program.

Daily News | August 8, 2005

The Defense Department has completed a new road map intended to guide future development of its quickly expanding inventory of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Daily News | August 5, 2005

Acting Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England has directed U.S. forces to draw up plans to use non-lethal technologies in domestic missions such as protecting nuclear power plants and stopping suspicious ships in American waterways, according to Pentagon officials and documents.

Daily News | August 4, 2005

Adm. Michael Mullen, the chief of naval operations, has directed the Navy to re-establish a high-level panel to closely monitor and control the requirements and configurations of new ships in a bid to rein in the skyrocketing cost of new vessel procurement.

Daily News | August 3, 2005

The Defense Department has drafted an overarching vision for future warfare that calls for the military to prepare for a wider range of threats, develop a more sophisticated view of enemy combatants and enhance its ability to work with other federal agencies before and after a conflict.

Daily News | August 2, 2005

The Defense Department is developing a concept of operations for a rapidly deployable air defense package that can be shifted around the United States to defend the skies from cruise missiles and other low-flying threats at high-profile national events.

Daily News | August 1, 2005

The Navy's top officer is preparing to highlight the burden health care costs cause the sea service, devouring a growing portion of the resources available to build ships and maintain high readiness levels in the war on terrorism.

Daily News | July 28, 2005

The Defense Department will double its contribution to the Federal Aviation Administration's air-surveillance network, a move that reflects the pivotal role the system now plays in national security, according to a senior Pentagon official.

Daily News | July 27, 2005

The Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies are contemplating "truly catastrophic" terrorist-strike scenarios that go well beyond recent exercises designed to test the reaction of civilian and military forces to biological and chemical weapons attacks, according to a senior Pentagon official.

Daily News | July 25, 2005

The Pentagon has kicked off a series of high-level reviews to expedite the implementation of its new homeland defense responsibilities, from responding to massive terrorist attacks against American cities to improving technology sharing with civil authorities.

Daily News | July 22, 2005

The White House is reviewing final drafts of a new policy that calls for the Defense Department and other federal agencies to improve intelligence sharing to create an improved picture of activity on maritime approaches to the United States.

Daily News | July 21, 2005

The Defense Department is considering establishing a standing, mobile air defense system to secure domestic air space over high-profile events, including gatherings of heads of state, political conventions and even major sporting events.

Daily News | July 20, 2005

Rising deficits and ballooning costs of federal retirement and health care programs are poised to squeeze Pentagon weapon system modernization accounts, putting at risk U.S. military transformation plans that rely on big-ticket programs, according to a new study.

Daily News | July 19, 2005

China's military modernization program, fueled by expenditures estimated to be three times higher than Beijing publicly acknowledges, is shifting the military balance of power away from Taiwan, according to a new Pentagon report on China's armed forces.

Daily News | July 18, 2005

The Senate late last week approved the nominations of Gen. Peter Pace and Adm. Edmund Giambastiani to assume the Pentagon's No. 1 and No. 2 uniformed billets.

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