Jason Sherman

Jason Sherman is a reporter for Inside Defense. For more than two decades -- including stints with Defense News and Armed Forces Journal -- he has covered the Pentagon, defense industry, the military budget, weapon system acquisition and defense policy formulation as well as reporting on technology, business, and global arms trade. Jason has traveled to more than 40 countries, studied medieval history at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and lives in Brooklyn.

Archived Articles
Daily News | March 4, 2005

The Pentagon's December decision to kill an Army-led program to develop a next-generation anti-armor missile was triggered by concerns about growing costs and likely schedule delays, according to a senior defense official.

Daily News | March 3, 2005

The price tag for canceling the C-130J aircraft program could climb above $2 billion, according to a senior Air Force official and leading defense lawmaker.

Daily News | March 2, 2005

The military's top brass have tallied up nearly $13.6 billion worth of combat hardware they need but is not paid for in the Pentagon's fiscal year 2006 spending request now before Congress.

Daily News | March 1, 2005

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has established six panels, each led by a senior civilian and military officer, to carry out the work of the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review.

Daily News | February 24, 2005

The Pentagon has launched 15 new projects as part of its ongoing effort to quickly give combatant commanders everything from a computer chip that can read a saliva swab and diagnose an individual's health to a new long-range, vertical lift unmanned aerial vehicle.

Daily News | February 24, 2005

The Pentagon is seeking the views of the National Security Council and the State Department on its plans for a sweeping strategy review that is expected to give unprecedented consideration to the roles of other federal agencies in dealing with future conflicts.

Daily News | February 23, 2005

The Pentagon plans to establish a new acquisition executive to champion technologies and concepts designed for joint operations, according to defense officials and documents.

Daily News | February 17, 2005

The Pentagon plans to wring $12 billion in contractor jobs from military payrolls over the next six years as part of a campaign to improve management of the defense bureaucracy, according to documents and government officials.

Daily News | February 16, 2005

The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency have hammered out a new agreement delineating how they will share responsibility for paramilitary operations, bucking a 9/11 Commission recommendation that called for all such activities to be shifted from the CIA to U.S. Special Operations Command.

Daily News | February 15, 2005

A leading Democratic lawmaker is upping the ante in the growing debate over the size of the military by proposing the Pentagon increase the number of ground troops in its ranks by 40,000 more than the temporary end strength increases advanced by the Bush administration.

Daily News | February 14, 2005

A senior Air Force general making the case for the embattled F/A-22 fighter aircraft program told lawmakers that the U.S. military's ability to dominate the skies may be threatened by a Russian aircraft that has not yet been built, and which aerospace analysts believe may never fly.

Daily News | February 10, 2005

A high-level Pentagon advisory panel has kicked off a study on whether to expand the authorities of the U.S. military's chief technology officer, the director of defense research and engineering.

Daily News | February 9, 2005

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is significantly changing the focus of the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review at the prompting of military commanders who believe the assessment must take a broader view of future challenges, according to Defense Department sources.

Daily News | February 8, 2005

The $30 billion, pre-Christmas round of cuts to big-ticket weapons programs was the result of weeks of careful deliberations between Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and senior military leaders, according to officials involved in the process.

Daily News | February 7, 2005

The White House this morning sent to Congress the first of two major defense spending requests due this month -- a $419.3 billion package to pay for training, equipping and preparing U.S. military forces in fiscal year 2006.

Daily News | February 3, 2005

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld plans to use the Quadrennial Defense Review to bring about historic changes and mold U.S. military might into more dynamic packages that are better able to deal with a wider range of threats, according to a senior Pentagon official.

Daily News | February 2, 2005

While preliminary work on the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review is nearly compete, last-minute concerns raised by senior military officers about its focus are being ironed out and the Defense Department aims to begin the appraisal by mid-February, according to Pentagon sources.

Daily News | February 1, 2005

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has tapped a four-star general to coordinate U.S. military efforts to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, the first time the mission has been made a key responsibility of a combatant commander, according to Pentagon sources and documents.

Daily News | January 27, 2005

The Pentagon is set to consider strategic nuclear forces in the upcoming Quadrennial Defense Review, weighing them for the first time in a strategy assessment alongside conventional forces, according to defense sources.

Daily News | January 26, 2005

Mounting budget pressures could trigger the most difficult investment decisions ever taken in a Quadrennial Defense Review, according to a senior Pentagon official.

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