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Jason Sherman is a reporter for Inside Defense. For more than two decades -- including stints with Defense News and Armed Forces Journal -- he has covered the Pentagon, defense industry, the military budget, weapon system acquisition and defense policy formulation as well as reporting on technology, business, and global arms trade. Jason has traveled to more than 40 countries, studied medieval history at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and lives in Brooklyn.

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Daily News | September 25, 2019

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is being directed by Congress to promptly weigh in on the future of the Strategic Capabilities Office which this summer was effectively folded into the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a move that former Defense Secretary Ash Carter says subverts the original intent of the SCO to solve "immediate battlefield problems."

Daily News | September 24, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency has raised the potential value of Raytheon's work improving the X-band sensor portfolio to nearly $1 billion, tacking on a $500 million modification yesterday to a 2017 contract to bolster key Ballistic Missile Defense System radars, including the Sea Based X-Band and the Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance Control Model-2.

Daily News | September 23, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency selected Northrop Grumman as the winner of a $1.1 billion deal to supply sub-scale targets with simple and complex reentry vehicles. The contractor defeated Lockheed Martin in the two-way race to modernize a portion of the Defense Department's portfolio of targets and countermeasures used to test the Ballistic Missile Defense System.

Daily News | September 19, 2019

The collapse of a planned $661 million Air Force and Missile Defense Agency project to develop an air-launched, guided missile interceptor that promised to chase down and destroy enemy intercontinental ballistic missiles immediately after launch was a "spectacular learning event" and a "good failure," according to a senior Pentagon official.

Daily News | September 19, 2019

Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works says it demonstrated a technical innovation that could help the U.S. military unlock the potential for widespread information sharing across the armed services during a test event involving a ballistic missile target, an F-35 and a surrogate aircraft equipped with a unique payload.

Daily News | September 17, 2019

The Air Force's fiscal year 2021 budget proposal is poised to mark one of the largest shifts of resources between accounts in a generation -- cancelling, reducing or consolidating about $25 billion worth of current projects as part of a continuing effort to better realign the service's weapon system modernization portfolio with the 2018 National Defense Strategy.

Daily News | September 16, 2019

The Marine Corps successfully integrated elements of the Israeli-designed Iron Dome air- and missile-defense system with the service's existing radar and command and control system during a live-fire event last month, according to a government spokeswoman.

Daily News | September 13, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency is eyeing a $12 billion makeover of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, launching a competition for a new guided missile interceptor as part of a proposed 10-year realignment of funds to improve defenses agains North Korean long-range rockets.

Daily News | September 12, 2019

The Air Force is developing its own variant of a hypersonic glide body that pairs an aeroshell common to Army and Navy hypersonic programs with an Air Force-unique substructure needed to withstand conditions when dropped mid-air from a fast-moving aircraft, according to the service.

Daily News | September 11, 2019

A Senate panel is recommending more than doubling spending in fiscal year 2020 on technology to counter maneuvering hypersonic threats, lifting the Missile Defense Agency's $157 million request to $394 million -- a $237 million hike as the agency is readying a plan to launch an end-to-end network of sensors, command and control systems, and interceptors for ultra-fast threats.

Daily News | September 11, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency has secured a de facto authorization from a key Senate panel for an eleventh-hour launch of the Next-Generation Interceptor, winning $222 million in fiscal year 2020 for a major new-start program to follow the recently terminated Redesigned Kill Vehicle program.

Daily News | September 9, 2019

The White House Office of Management and Budget is asking Senate lawmakers to reconsider legislation that would transfer procurement funding for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense program from the Missile Defense Agency to the Army, a move lawmakers have long sought and which the Pentagon has resisted.

Daily News | September 6, 2019

The Defense Department plans to divert $8 million to help finance President Trump's controversial border wall from a Missile Defense Agency project deemed urgent for homeland defense.

Daily News | September 4, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency has selected five industry proposals for a Hypersonic Defense Weapon System for further development -- four concepts that rely on a kinetic interceptor to destroy an enemy hypersonic boost glide weapon and one project that envisions a "non-kinetic" solution to thwart an ultrafast, maneuvering threat. (UPDATED)

Daily News | August 30, 2019

In a watershed development in the race to field a new triad of long-range, hypersonic strike weapons, the Defense Department is selecting defense contractor teams to manufacture prototype common-hypersonic glide bodies -- a key step toward scaling production of new ultra-fast warheads by moving manufacturing from a national laboratory to industry.

Daily News | August 30, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency notched a significant achievement in the effort to bolster defenses against North Korea's medium-range ballistic missile threats during a test today, assessing a new, government-designed launcher for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system that promises to extend THAAD's defensive reach.

Daily News | August 28, 2019

Defense Secretary Mark Esper was sidelined in recent weeks as Pentagon leaders decided the fate of the Redesigned Kill Vehicle program, an intentional recusal from the eventual decision to terminate the failed $1.2 billion project in which Esper's former employer Raytheon played a major role.

Daily News | August 27, 2019

The Army is advancing its program to bolster low-altitude, air defense capabilities for maneuver units, granting limited fielding of an upgraded variant of the Stinger missile outfitted with a new proximity fuze designed to give the interceptor improved effectiveness against small unmanned aircraft.

Daily News | August 26, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency is launching the Next Generation Interceptor program with a "Kick Off Industry Day" this Thursday, moving quickly to begin a follow-on to the Redesigned Kill Vehicle project terminated last week as a senior Pentagon official today issued a rebuke of the acquisition strategy behind the failed $1.2 billion RKV program.

Daily News | August 15, 2019

The lead craft in the Navy's Ship-to-Shore Connector program -- a $5.4 billion project to modernize the fleet of combat hovercraft used to move Marine Corps ground vehicles, cargo and personnel from sea to land -- is readying to execute next week the final stage of builder's trials, a prelude to follow-on government acceptance trials and then delivery this fall.

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