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Justin Doubleday is managing editor of Inside the Pentagon, where he focuses on defense-wide topics including budgets, acquisition policy, combatant commands, missile defense and cyber. He has also worked for ITP sister publications Inside the Army and Inside the Navy. Justin previously reported for The Chronicle of Higher Education. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2013.

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Daily News | July 23, 2019

U.S. Southern Command is working to provide cyber defense training and IT infrastructure to several South American militaries in a bid to blunt China's growing technological influence in the region.

Daily News | July 22, 2019

The Pentagon has drafted a new policy to guide software acquisitions, and officials are preparing to test out the pathway through wargaming next month, according to documents obtained by Inside Defense.

The Insider | July 18, 2019

The background investigations backlog is down to 386,000 cases this month, as the Defense Department prepares to take on the federal government background investigations mission.

The Insider | July 18, 2019

President Trump said today he may look into the Pentagon's pending Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract competition in the wake of complaints from Microsoft and Oracle, according to a White House pool report.

The Insider | July 17, 2019

The Defense Department will host a pair of meetings in September to discuss statutory changes to the way DOD acquires technical data rights, according to a notice scheduled to be posted in tomorrow's Federal Register.

Daily News | July 17, 2019

The Pentagon is preparing to meet with industry later this month to discuss its requirements for Fully Networked Command, Control and Communications, as the official in charge of the "FNC3" effort recently laid out his strategy for developing the military's future battle network.

Daily News | July 15, 2019

The Defense Department should accelerate the deployment of fifth-generation wireless technologies and develop secure, hardened systems that account for 5G's inherent security risks, according to a new Defense Science Board report.

The Insider | July 12, 2019

The Court of Federal Claims has denied Oracle's protest of the Defense Department's Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud services solicitation, allowing DOD to move forward with the potential $10 billion award to either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft.

Daily News | July 11, 2019

Lawmakers have allowed the Defense Department to move $34 million in its fiscal year 2019 budget to begin a new program aimed at accelerating fifth-generation wireless technology development.

Daily News | July 11, 2019

The Defense Department's chief technology officer is rallying lawmakers' support for a new program aimed at shoring up investments in dual-use hardware technologies, which DOD argues have been underfunded by U.S. venture capitalists and are at risk of being captured by Chinese investments.

Daily News | July 03, 2019

A consortium of companies brought together more than four years ago to assist the Defense Department in managing electromagnetic spectrum access is now working to help DOD experiment with fifth-generation wireless technologies.

Daily News | July 02, 2019

The Pentagon's fledgling Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is planning a meeting later this year where select companies can make pitches to be considered for potential pilot projects and experiments as part of a major cyber initiative.

Daily News | June 28, 2019

Key lawmakers are closely examining the behavior and decision-making of the Defense Department's technology chief, spurred by high-profile personnel departures from his office.

Daily News | June 25, 2019

The Defense Department is exploring "dynamic spectrum sharing" and examining what military bases could serve as testbeds for fifth-generation wireless technologies, according to a top DOD official.

The Insider | June 25, 2019

The Pentagon expects to award the potential 10-year, $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract to either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft within the next two months, according to the Defense Department's chief information officer, as a lawsuit challenging the JEDI solicitation appears close to a resolution.

The Insider | June 20, 2019

The Senate today narrowly passed joint resolutions blocking the Trump administration's emergency arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but without a veto-proof majority, the legislation is likely to be blocked by the president.

Daily News | June 19, 2019

House and Senate lawmakers are moving legislation to authorize increased funding for the Defense Department’s nascent experiments with fifth-generation wireless technologies, including a Senate bill that would set up Nellis Air Force Base as a key 5G testbed for the military.

Daily News | June 18, 2019

Gen. Paul Selva, the second-highest-ranking U.S. military officer, weighed in on a controversial proposal to fold the Strategic Capabilities Office into the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, arguing combatant commands are concerned the change would add a layer of bureaucracy and impede a pipeline now effectively fostering new ideas and rapid delivery of innovative combat capabilities.

Daily News | June 14, 2019

New Senate legislation would add to the conditions that must be met before the Pentagon can split U.S. Cyber Command from the National Security Agency, while also increasing CYBERCOM's fiscal year 2020 budget and directing a Defense Science Board assessment of future cyber warfighting capabilities.

Daily News | June 13, 2019

Defense Department officials now say contractors can bill the government for the cost of implementing required cybersecurity measures, as DOD prepares to roll out a new cyber certification for defense suppliers.

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