Justin Doubleday

Justin Doubleday covers shipbuilding, helicopters, missile defense and munitions for Inside the Navy. Previously he reported for The Chronicle of Higher Education. A New England native, he graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2013.

Daily News | April 27, 2017

The Navy is finalizing a publication discussing the service’s position on the composition and capability of its future fleet, according to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson.

Daily News | April 26, 2017

The Navy can only meet half of the requirements for attack submarines from U.S. Pacific Command, according to a top military officer.

The Insider | April 26, 2017

The Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar under development for the Navy's aircraft carriers and amphibious ships has passed its preliminary design review, contractor Raytheon announced today.

The Insider | April 25, 2017

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is seeking support from President Trump for more Littoral Combat Ships in the Defense Department's fiscal year 2018 budget submission.

Daily News | April 24, 2017

The Navy will release a new document to guide the service's science and technology developments in July, according to an Office of Naval Research official.

Daily News | April 24, 2017

The Marine Corps' project to reshape its force for future warfare has begun in earnest, as the service took steps this spring to re-organize the structure of command and infantry units, as well as identify several capabilities the service needs to make greater investments in, according to top officials.

Daily News | April 21, 2017

The Ford-class aircraft carrier's Advanced Arresting Gear has incurred a critical cost breach after congressional authorizers made the Pentagon use a 2009 cost estimate as the program's baseline.

Daily News | April 19, 2017

Naval Sea Systems Command is seeking offers from shipyards to design and construct up to eight tow, salvage and rescue ships, according to a recent solicitation.

Daily News | April 19, 2017

The Navy hosted an industry day this week to inform companies on the service's plans for developing a mine neutralizer.

The Insider | April 18, 2017

Government auditors are again urging the Pentagon to delay the Navy's frigate program, as the Defense Department reviews the requirements and acquisition strategy for the ship.

Daily News | April 18, 2017

The Navy's V-22 program office is attempting to secure funds in fiscal year 2018 for overhaul of nearly half the Marine Corps' Osprey tiltrotor aircraft into a common configuration, according to the program manager.

Daily News | April 18, 2017

The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab is working with two companies to design and build a ground robot capable of using different mission payloads, according to a service official.

Daily News | April 11, 2017

The Pentagon is re-considering the path forward for the Navy's frigate program yet again, with officials now mulling whether to beef up the ship's anti-air warfare capabilities and open up competition to designs beyond one based on the Littoral Combat Ship.

Daily News | April 10, 2017

The Navy is asking "hard questions" about the role unmanned ships will take in the future of surface warfare, according to a Naval Sea Systems Command official.

Daily News | April 10, 2017

The Navy is advancing Textron's Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle as the next-generation platform for hunting mines in broad areas of the water, as plans for an unmanned underwater vehicle to carry out the same mission are lagging behind.

Daily News | April 05, 2017

A full-year continuing resolution would not hinder work on the Navy's top acquisition priority:  the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine, according to service officials.

Daily News | April 05, 2017

The Navy is preparing to review final data on the testing of initial fixes made to the F-35C nose gear and helmet, as the service weighs whether to move on to at-sea tests later this year, according to a top admiral.

Daily News | April 04, 2017

Pentagon cost assessors are evaluating a new spending estimate for the Navy’s upgraded guided missile destroyer, according to the program manager.

The Insider | April 04, 2017

Pentagon leadership has approved the Marine Corps' developmental CH-53K heavy-lift helicopter to enter production, according to a spokesman. 

Daily News | April 03, 2017

The Marine Corps is disputing recent assertions that the CH-53K chopper is more expensive than an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as the heavy-lift helicopter program awaits an initial production decision from Pentagon leadership.

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