Justin Doubleday

Justin Doubleday was managing editor of Inside the Pentagon until June 2021, where he focused on defense-wide topics including budgets, acquisition policy, combatant commands, missile defense and cyber. He has also worked for ITP sister publications Inside the Army and Inside the Navy. Justin previously reported for The Chronicle of Higher Education. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2013.

Archived Articles
The Insider | September 10, 2019

Perspecta is protesting the Defense Department and General Services Administration's decision to award General Dynamics Information Technology a potential $7.6 billion cloud services contract.

Daily News | September 9, 2019

Federal officials are injecting a sense of urgency into multiple initiatives to more effectively secure the Defense Department’s expansive supply chain from cyber threats, as one official warned the issue is nearing a "tipping point."

Daily News | September 5, 2019

The Pentagon is seeking feedback on a draft version of new cybersecurity standards defense contractors will have to start following next year.

Daily News | September 4, 2019

The Defense Department is delaying work on a space-based neutral particle beam "indefinitely," just months after revealing its plans to pursue the project, as DOD's research chief says the technology is not mature enough.

Daily News | August 30, 2019

The Pentagon's Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is launching a new, marquee program in fiscal year 2020 to use AI for "maneuver and fires," as the organization seeks to bring the quickly evolving technology to the Defense Department's warfighting functions.

The Insider | August 29, 2019

The General Services Administration and the Defense Department have awarded the potential 10-year, $7.6 billion Defense Enterprise Office Solution cloud services contract to a team lead by General Dynamics Information Technology. 

Daily News | August 29, 2019

The top small drone manufacturer in the world is hitting back at the Pentagon's assertion that the company’s unmanned aerial systems send user data to China, as Defense Department officials use the claim as part of their case for establishing an alternative U.S. supply of small UAS.

The Insider | August 27, 2019

The State Department notified Congress today of five potential foreign military sales, including a $3.3 billion deal with Japan for Standard Missile-3 Block IIA interceptors.

Daily News | August 27, 2019

Oracle America is appealing a U.S. Court of Federal Claims decision that rejected the company’s protest of the Defense Department's pending enterprise cloud contract.

Daily News | August 26, 2019

Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord today revealed a series of new reforms and initiatives aimed at blocking China's influence on the U.S. defense industrial base, including the establishment of a new congressionally directed intellectual property regime.

Daily News | August 26, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency is launching the Next Generation Interceptor program with a "Kick Off Industry Day" this Thursday, moving quickly to begin a follow-on to the Redesigned Kill Vehicle project terminated last week as a senior Pentagon official today issued a rebuke of the acquisition strategy behind the failed $1.2 billion RKV program.

Daily News | August 23, 2019

The Pentagon's acquisition and sustainment office is exploring whether the Defense Department should shift to a model where it pays contractors to defend some U.S. military installations from unmanned aerial systems, rather than using government personnel and systems.

The Insider | August 20, 2019

The State Department notified Congress today of a potential $8 billion sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, according to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

Daily News | August 20, 2019

The Pentagon wants to boost American manufacturers of small unmanned aerial systems by connecting them with "trusted" venture capitalists as part of a new program being launched later this fall.

The Insider | August 19, 2019

The Defense Department tested a ground-launched cruise missile at a range greater than 500 kilometers over the weekend, the first such test since the Trump administration formally abandoned the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty due to Russia's alleged violations.

The Insider | August 15, 2019

The Defense Department is delaying a pair of public meetings on technical data rights issues from September to November, according to a document scheduled to be published in the Federal Register tomorrow.

Daily News | August 13, 2019

The Pentagon's top technology official will soon decide how to proceed with developing a new kill vehicle for the U.S. fleet of Ground-based Interceptors after halting work on the Missile Defense Agency's Redesigned Kill Vehicle program earlier this year due to technical issues and soaring costs.

Daily News | August 13, 2019

The Defense Department inspector general has opened a sweeping review into the development of the multibillion-dollar Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud acquisition, including whether any DOD employees had conflicts of interest while they were involved in the program.

Daily News | August 9, 2019

The Pentagon's top information technology official says the Defense Department continues to evaluate proposals from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract as new Defense Secretary Mark Esper reviews the overall JEDI program.

Daily News | August 8, 2019

The Pentagon is struggling to implement policy for addressing cybersecurity risks in critical infrastructure and weapon systems, as the Defense Department lacks the personnel with the skills necessary to address flaws in operational technology, according to defense officials.

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