Justin Doubleday

Justin Doubleday was managing editor of Inside the Pentagon until June 2021, where he focused on defense-wide topics including budgets, acquisition policy, combatant commands, missile defense and cyber. He has also worked for ITP sister publications Inside the Army and Inside the Navy. Justin previously reported for The Chronicle of Higher Education. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2013.

Archived Articles
Daily News | October 19, 2020

The Pentagon will start a pilot program early next year allowing cybersecurity researchers to probe the networks of defense contractors for vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers.

The Insider | October 15, 2020

The White House has released a new "National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies" outlining the Trump administration's approach to promoting and protecting U.S. developments in fields like artificial intelligence and quantum information science.

Daily News | October 13, 2020

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence is advising Congress to beef up the authorities of the under secretary of defense for research and engineering to direct the Pentagon's technology strategy and investments.

Daily News | October 8, 2020

A new Defense Department strategy underscores data as integral to all DOD operations, with one defense official calling on industry to recognize open standards and data sharing as pivotal to the future of warfare.

Daily News | October 5, 2020

The Pentagon's limited waiver allowing some contractors to continue using equipment made by Chinese vendors like Huawei and ZTE has been extended for two years, according to a Defense Department spokeswoman. (UPDATED)

The Insider | October 2, 2020

Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord has signed out the final version of a new policy to guide the military’s software development and procurement efforts, according to one of her top deputies.

Daily News | September 30, 2020

Pentagon officials are encouraging Defense Department organizations to adopt interim cloud computing platforms to meet "urgent" needs without hampering the eventual adoption of Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure environment, which remains on hold in federal court.

Daily News | September 29, 2020

A bipartisan group of House authorizers has released its final report on U.S. national security strategy, calling for a whole-of-nation effort to confront the threat of a superpower China, including a wholesale review of the Defense Department's legacy systems and dramatically increased spending on emerging technologies.

Daily News | September 29, 2020

The Pentagon has launched a new initiative to improve how it approaches the exportability of defense technology to allied and partner countries.

Daily News | September 25, 2020

Defense contractors and telecommunications giants have been quietly meeting over the last several months to discuss how military systems and commercial wireless networks can co-exist in the electromagnetic spectrum, as the United States increasingly takes a sharing approach to making airwaves available for fifth-generation wireless networks.

The Insider | September 24, 2020

The Defense Department's spending on artificial intelligence and machine learning contracts continues to expand and is now projected to surpass $1 billion this fiscal year and to double within the next few years, according to a new analysis.

The Insider | September 21, 2020

The Pentagon is considering owning and operating its own fifth-generation wireless networks to support its domestic operations under a new dynamic spectrum-sharing effort.

Daily News | September 17, 2020

Members of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence are advocating for the Pentagon's top leaders to be more involved in the military's approach to AI and emerging technologies, including through the creation of a new senior-level steering committee.

Daily News | September 16, 2020

The Defense Innovation Board will recommend ways the Defense Department can test and validate artificially intelligent systems are meeting safety and performance goals, considered a key hurdle to the military's goal of rapidly fielding AI capabilities.

The Insider | September 15, 2020

Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive of Google, has stepped down as the first chairman of the Defense Innovation Board, with former Sierra Nevada executive Mark Sirangelo taking over as head of the influential panel.

Daily News | September 9, 2020

The Defense Department will launch a training program next month for its acquisition professionals to specifically learn about artificial intelligence and data science capabilities, according to Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

The Insider | September 8, 2020

The Defense Innovation Board will meet next week to discuss recommendations on autonomous systems testing, as well as the Defense Department's progress in training software acquisition professionals, according to a Federal Register notice.

Daily News | August 28, 2020

The Defense Department’s initiatives for sharing cyber threat intelligence with contractors are set for a major expansion under the fiscal year 2021 defense policy bill currently being negotiated by House and Senate lawmakers.

The Insider | August 26, 2020

Leading congressional Democrats are highlighting a new Congressional Budget Office report on the potential costs of foregoing the nuclear weapons limits of the New START Treaty, calling on the Trump administration to extend the pact with Russia before it expires early next year.

Daily News | August 26, 2020

The director of the Defense Digital Service wants Pentagon organizations to reuse software rather than build bespoke solutions for the same capabilities.

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