Justin Doubleday

Justin Doubleday is managing editor of Inside the Pentagon, where he focuses on defense-wide topics including budgets, acquisition policy, combatant commands, missile defense and cyber. He has also worked for ITP sister publications Inside the Army and Inside the Navy. Justin previously reported for The Chronicle of Higher Education. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2013.

The Insider | September 22, 2017

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will travel to India next week, as lawmakers call for the Defense Department to strengthen its ties with the South Asian country.

Daily News | September 21, 2017

The Defense Department needs to learn from past failures and put mitigation strategies in place as it prepares to ramp up the development of the fledgling Afghan Air Force, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

Daily News | September 20, 2017

The head of U.S. strategic forces says he would prefer Congress pass a lower defense budget on time, rather than extending a stopgap continuing resolution beyond December, even if doing so could result in a higher budget midway through the fiscal year.

Daily News | September 20, 2017

This year's defense policy bill is unlikely to include authorization for a new base realignment and closure round, after leaders on the Senate Armed Services Committee dropped an expected push for such a provision.

Daily News | September 20, 2017

Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has tasked a group of senior leaders from Defense Department innovation organizations with developing a plan to accelerate DOD's acquisition of cloud computing technologies.

Daily News | September 19, 2017

The National Guard may need additional funding to help finance its operations after a busy start to the 2017 hurricane season, according to the head of the National Guard Bureau.

Daily News | September 18, 2017

Defense industry groups are taking aim at 100 acquisition rules they want eliminated or changed as part of the Trump administration's federal deregulation effort.

Daily News | September 13, 2017

Pentagon leaders have tasked the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental with finding potential commercial technologies that could be used in a new version of the Defense Department’s cybersecurity scorecard.

Daily News | September 13, 2017

President Trump has said he will allow South Korea and Japan to buy "substantially increased" amounts of U.S. weapons, but administration officials could not point to any specific sales and a major arms transfer has not been approved for either nation since early February.

The Insider | September 11, 2017

The State Department approved nearly $4 billion in foreign military sales to Bahrain last week, according to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

Daily News | September 07, 2017

The Defense Intelligence Agency has established an integrated office charged with evaluating both the threats to the U.S. military's space capabilities and the vulnerabilities of potential adversaries in the space domain.

The Insider | September 06, 2017

The new head of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency says he's been charged to be more involved in discussions about foreign military sales policy.

Daily News | September 06, 2017

The Pentagon is now calling an effort to curb Russia in Europe a "deterrence," rather than a "reassurance," initiative, as part of the Trump administration's push for NATO allies to contribute more to collective defense on the continent, according to the Defense Department official in charge of NATO policy.

Daily News | September 05, 2017

The Pentagon is hopeful a push from Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ) and Ranking Member Jack Reed (D-RI) to authorize a new round of base realignment and closures is successful, according to a top official.

Daily News | August 31, 2017

The Pentagon's pricing chief says the Defense Department's initial plan for reorganizing its acquisition offices wasn't creative enough and maintained the status quo for the organization overseeing the acquisition and sustainment of major weapon systems.

The Insider | August 31, 2017

The Pentagon admitted this week there are actually approximately 11,000 American forces deployed to Afghanistan, rather than the previously reported 8,400, as the Defense Department aims to be more transparent in its force-level accounting for the 16-year conflict now expected to ramp up under the Trump administration's new South Asia strategy.

Daily News | August 31, 2017

A panel tasked with streamlining the defense acquisition system is considering recommendations to improve how the Pentagon deals with small businesses, including a proposal to triple the amount of research funding federal agencies must reserve for such companies.

Daily News | August 31, 2017

The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental is preparing to transition several projects to production this fall using new contracting authority, marking a key litmus test for an organization responsible for increasing the military's access to innovative commercial technology.

The Insider | August 30, 2017

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ) and Ranking Member Jack Reed (D-RI) are seeking details on the effects a continuing resolution to start fiscal year 2018 would have on the Defense Department.

Daily News | August 29, 2017

The Missile Defense Agency is exploring the possibility of developing a "next-generation" common boost vehicle for Ground-based Interceptors defending the United States from intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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