Lee Hudson

Lee Hudson was Inside the Navy's managing editor until June 2018. She has covered Navy and Marine Corps issues since 2011, reporting at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, aboard ships and military facilities around the U.S. Previously she worked as a staff reporter at The Daily Review in Morgan City, LA, covering local government and crime. Lee graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication and Marketing from Loyola University New Orleans.

Archived Articles
Daily News | March 5, 2013

The F-35 joint program office expects to wrap up its investigation of a cracked engine blade within the next couple of weeks and will continue to keep grounded three Air Force F-35A aircraft that are most directly affected, the F-35 program executive officer said today.

The Insider | March 4, 2013

One day after the law imposing sequestration kicked in, Navy Secretary ray Mabus laid out how the service will take immediate action in response to that law and the prospect of a yearlong continuing resolution.

Daily News | March 1, 2013

F-35 flight operations can resume following an engineering analysis of a cracked turbine blade found in one of the jets, according to a program office statement issued today.

Daily News | February 28, 2013

The Marine Corps will have to choose between the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and the Marine Personnel Carrier if sequestration is implemented, according to a service official.

Daily News | February 27, 2013

Naval Air Systems Command is notifying companies about the impact of a yearlong continuing resolution and sequestration-related budget cuts to give industry time to prepare for adjustments, according to a statement issued on Feb. 26.

Daily News | February 22, 2013

A routine engine inspection carried out on Feb. 19 revealed a crack on a low-pressure turbine blade of an F135 engine installed in a conventional-take-off-and-landing test F-35A aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base, CA and as a result all F-35 flight operations have been suspended, according to an F-35 Joint Program Office statement issued today.

The Insider | February 21, 2013

Following a Pentagon announcement that all civilian workers would be furloughed if sequestration budget cuts go into effect March 1, the Navy's top officer released a memorandum yesterday stating that civilians are essential to the service's mission.

Daily News | February 21, 2013

The Navy reevaluated the contract ceiling for the legacy Navy-Marine Corps Intranet and has raised it to $6.1 billion, a $1.2 billion boost, according to a Feb. 20 Federal Business Opportunities notice of intent.

Daily News | February 20, 2013

The Marine Corps expects the first F-35 Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA-121) to begin flying operationally next week after a three-week grounding period, according to a top official.

Daily News | February 19, 2013

The Navy has delayed eight installations of its multimillion-dollar Consolidated Afloat Networks Enterprise Services program due to fiscal uncertainty, according to a service official.

Daily News | February 14, 2013

Facing an uncertain fiscal future, the Marine Corps may have to hold back two Marine Expeditionary Units from deploying next year, according to service Commandant Gen. James Amos.

Daily News | February 12, 2013

The Marine Corps may delay purchasing the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle if the funding "dries up" for the engineering manufacturing and development phase, according to a top official.

Daily News | January 29, 2013

The Amphibious Combat Vehicle analysis of alternatives is making its way to the desks of the Navy Secretary, Defense Secretary and congressional staffers, according to Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos.

The Insider | January 23, 2013

A top Marine official this week briefly discussed a topic that soon will be on everyone's lips: the Quadrennial Defense Review.

Daily News | January 15, 2013

The Pentagon's latest operational testing report warns that potential challenges integrating the secure MUOS waveform onto the Joint Tactical Radio System terminals may cause cost increases and schedule delays.

Daily News | January 14, 2013

The uncertainty over the results from the Marine Corps' Amphibious Combat Vehicle analysis of alternatives is raising questions about water speed, mobility and survivability requirements for at least one defense contractor.

Daily News | December 17, 2012

The Pentagon has cleared the Navy's Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services program for full-rate production, according to an acquisition decision memorandum signed last week.

Daily News | November 26, 2012

The Navy and Marine Corps have identified $100 million in information technology savings as they work toward a goal of $2 billion in IT cuts through fiscal year 2017, according to the service's chief information officer.

Daily News | November 14, 2012

The Navy and industry continue to discuss the survivability requirements for the Amphibious Combat Vehicle program and expect another round of answers from clarification questions submitted by potential contractors, according to an industry executive.

Daily News | November 6, 2012

The Navy will begin measuring information management, information technology and cyberspace performance and use that information to inform future budget decisions, according to a Navy spokesman.

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