Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson is a Navy reporter. Before joining Inside Defense in August 2022, he was an intern with Marketplace and a reporter with the Daily Mining Gazette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He is a graduate of Boston College.

Archived Articles
Daily News | April 28, 2023

A close partnership between the United States and Australian navies and industry will be key to the success of AUKUS, according to the U.S. Navy's highest-ranking officer, who emphasized the importance of Australian personnel having adequate access to U.S. facilities and information.

Daily News | April 28, 2023

The recently passed House bill proposing steep cuts to discretionary federal spending could result in reduced funding for the Pentagon, according to House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-WA), who said the bill could put Navy leadership in an "impossible position."

Daily News | April 27, 2023

Textron executives reported a slow first quarter for Bell, the company's helicopter-building subsidiary, but expect to see revenue growth for the remainder of the year as the company resumes work on the Army's Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft.

Daily News | April 26, 2023

The Marine Corps is implementing engineering upgrades for one of its Amphibious Combat Vehicle variants to improve command and control capabilities following an assessment from the Pentagon's chief weapons tester.

Daily News | April 26, 2023

The lead Columbia-class submarine is approximately one-third complete and remains ahead of its official 84-month delivery schedule, while supply chain challenges continue to delay Virginia construction, according to General Dynamics executives.

Daily News | April 25, 2023

The Navy intends to decommission 62 ships over the next five years, pursuing a "divest to invest" strategy that calls for the retirement of ageing carriers and ballistic missile submarines, the decommissioning of more amphibious warships than are procured, and further divestment from the troubled class of Littoral Combat Ships.

The Insider | April 21, 2023

The Pentagon released the unclassified version of its annual Freedom of Navigation report today, tallying 22 instances of U.S. forces pushing back on "excessive maritime claims" made by 15 different actors during fiscal year 2022.

Daily News | April 21, 2023

Lawmakers scrutinized U.S. Indo-Pacific Command's list of unfunded priorities during a Thursday budget hearing, focusing on funding requests to support the development of three future missile systems as well as electromagnetic spectrum capabilities and additional operations in the region.

Daily News | April 20, 2023

The head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command today signaled support for the use of presidential drawdown authority to "surge" capabilities to defend Taiwan and enhance deterrence in the region.

Daily News | April 19, 2023

The Marine Corps will establish a new training program within its Assault Amphibian School to retrain and recertify operators of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle, following training incidents in which ACVs capsized in choppy waters.

Daily News | April 18, 2023

Lockheed Martin executives claimed a "solid" first quarter consistent with the company's 2023 expectations, and applauded the Defense Department's fiscal year 2024 budget request that looks to invest in F-35 procurement and several of Lockheed's missile systems.

Daily News | April 18, 2023

The Navy's 30-year shipbuilding plan again presents three alternative paths, each envisioning modest growth for the total fleet, with only one option exceeding a 355-ship Navy before fiscal year 2053.

Daily News | April 18, 2023

Lawmakers on the Senate Armed Services Committee are dissatisfied with the Navy's near- and long-term shipbuilding plans, saying they fail to adequately increase the service's fleet size to meet its 355-ship requirement.

The Insider | April 10, 2023

The Navy will hold an industry day later this month before opening a contract competition for the design and construction of a new class of submarine tenders intended to support Virginia- and Columbia-class boats.

Daily News | April 6, 2023

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- Service officials gathered this week at the Navy League's annual Sea-Air-Space conference to chronicle their efforts expediting submarine and surface ship repairs and recapitalizing aging public infrastructure -- presenting a snapshot of measured progress with an uphill battle ahead.

Daily News | April 5, 2023

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- The Office of Naval Research is doubling down on key technology investments, seeking to inform a strategy that can contend with new global threats and environmental challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Daily News | April 4, 2023

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday today provided clarification on the delivery schedule for the Columbia-class submarine program, saying the lead boat is approximately 10% behind the Navy's accelerated 78-month delivery schedule, lagging by roughly 7.6 months.

Daily News | April 4, 2023

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- The Navy plans to expand unmanned operations to the 4th Fleet, drawing on experimentation efforts that it has pioneered with Task Force 59 in the 5th Fleet.

Daily News | April 4, 2023

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- BAE Systems is looking to the Marine Corps' next-generation Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle as an opportunity to expand its product line, competing for an ARV contract with a modified version of its amphibious combat vehicle.

Daily News | April 3, 2023

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- With a block buy expected in fiscal year 2024, Lockheed Martin is preparing to dramatically scale up production of two missile systems -- the Navy's Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile and the Air Force's Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile.

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