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Sara Sirota is an associate editor for Inside the Air Force. Previously, she reported for The Hill and The Cazenovia Republican. She has a master's degree in security studies from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a bachelor's degree in political science from Colgate University.

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The Insider | June 26, 2019

The Tactical High-Power Operational Responder, a microwave weapon intended for counter-unmanned aerial system operations, had a successful test last week at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM.

Daily News | June 25, 2019

The Air Force confirmed this week it has terminated the Extended Range Weapon program -- a fiscal year 2019 new-start and rapid prototyping effort with a $632 million baseline cost -- following disagreements during contract negotiations.

Daily News | June 25, 2019

DAYTON, OH -- The Air Force is discontinuing development of the Gray Wolf cruise missile program in favor of a new, collaborative effort featuring swarming munitions called Golden Horde, according to the service's weapons portfolio chief. (UPDATED)

Daily News | June 20, 2019

DAYTON, OH -- The Air Force, in a joint program with the Army and Navy, is partnering with Lockheed Martin to develop the AIM-260 Joint Advanced Tactical Missile for fighter jets to keep pace with the Chinese PL-15 air-to-air missile, according to the chief of the Air Force’s weapons portfolio.

Daily News | June 20, 2019

Dayton, OH -- The cost assessment and program evaluation office has completed an independent cost estimate for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, the Air Force's replacement to the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile system.

Daily News | June 20, 2019

DAYTON, OH -- The Air Force is looking to use results from the Advanced Battle Management System analysis of alternatives, expected this year, to influence the fiscal year 2021 budget cycle, according to the service's lead combat commander.

Daily News | June 20, 2019

DAYTON, OH -- The Air Force's XQ-58A Valkyrie and Skyborg unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities are among the service's first vanguard programs, a new concept introduced in the 2030 Science and Technology Strategy, according to the chief of Air Combat Command.

The Insider | June 18, 2019

The B61-12 nuclear warhead life extension program has experienced a schedule delay and the W80-4 LEP’s cost estimate has been raised to $12 billion, according to a watchdog investigation.

The Insider | June 18, 2019

The cost for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the Air Force’s intercontinental ballistic missile replacement system is $25 billion, according to a justification and approval document released yesterday.

Daily News | June 17, 2019

The Senate Armed Services Committee is putting increased pressure on the Air Force's plans to modernize its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

The Insider | June 17, 2019

In a new deal with Boeing, the Air Force has tripled the potential value of a multibillion-dollar contract for munition guidance tail kits.

Daily News | June 14, 2019

Senate authorizers are looking to elevate the civilian lead official overseeing space acquisition to a four-star level equivalent and expand the position’s authorities for the coming Space Force.

Daily News | June 13, 2019

The Air Force achieved a major milestone yesterday when it completed the first captive-carry test of a new hypersonic weapon at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.

Daily News | June 12, 2019

Lawmakers on the House Oversight and Reform national security subcommittee are expressing concern about the number of U.S.-trained Afghan soldiers who go absent without official leave, as described in recent reports by Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko.

The Insider | June 12, 2019

The Air Force Scientific Advisory Board is holding a meeting tomorrow to formally complete and receive majority approval for the content and recommendations contained in its fiscal year 2019 studies.

Daily News | June 11, 2019

Tyndall Air Force Base, FL, will receive $250 million of the operations and maintenance funds allocated to the Air Force in a disaster relief bill President Trump signed into law last week and is looking to begin making awards to rebuild infrastructure damaged in Hurricane Michael.

The Insider | June 10, 2019

The House Armed Services Committee’s chairman’s mark of the fiscal year 2020 defense policy bill calls for a report on efforts to finance the Tyndall Air Force Base recovery and place the F-35 aircraft and an unmanned aerial vehicle wing there.

The Insider | June 10, 2019

In his mark of the fiscal year 2020 defense policy bill, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-WA) is recommending less funding for the Advanced Battle Management System than what the Air Force requested.

The Insider | June 06, 2019

The Air Force is seeking risk management framework capabilities from industry for its multidomain command and control enterprise.

Daily News | June 05, 2019

House lawmakers are calling for details on the Air Force's strategy to establish a unified signals intelligence enterprise and how it will incorporate cloud-based technologies.

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