Sebastian Sprenger

Sebastian Sprenger was the chief editor of Inside the Army until May 2016, where he primarily reported on land warfare and associated budgets, policies and technologies. A native of Siegen, Germany, he got is start in journalism at the now-defunct Westfälische Rundschau in Kreuztal. He studied at Universität Trier and elsewhere.

Archived Articles
Daily News | October 24, 2013

A temporary deal that ended a weeks-long, partial government shutdown is unlikely to change the odds of overturning sequestration because parties on Capitol Hill remain too far apart on their priorities, according to Todd Harrison, a budget analyst at the Washington-based Center or Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Daily News | October 22, 2013

House Armed Services Committee member Randy Forbes (R-VA) is expected to meet with representatives of the Office of Net Assessment, including its director Andrew Marshall, to discuss reports that the office is slated for closure, according to officials.

Daily News | October 17, 2013

Defense officials should give greater attention to the possibility of biowarfare attacks against the homeland or American allies, with North Korea ranging high on the list of countries thought to be pursuing an offensive weapons program, defense analysts told lawmakers last week.

Daily News | October 16, 2013

Continuing costs associated with the Afghanistan war and planned end-strength cuts in the military services are among the drivers of a downturn in defense information technology spending that is expected to hit its low point in fiscal year 2014, according to a new market forecast by the TechAmerica Foundation.

Daily News | October 11, 2013

House Armed Services Committee member Randy Forbes (R-VA) has complained to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel about what he believes are Defense Department plans to eliminate the Office of Net Assessment.

Daily News | October 8, 2013

Newly forged cybersecurity agreements with Japan and South Korea stem from a recognition by U.S. policymakers that deepening ties in the areas of joint weapons development and military planning will require greater emphasis on information assurance, according to James Schoff, a former Defense Department senior adviser for East Asia policy.

The Insider | October 4, 2013

Democratic Sen. Ed Markey (MA) today joined several GOP lawmakers in calling on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to apply the Pay Our Military Act so that the Defense Department would essentially be exempt from the government shutdown.

Daily News | October 1, 2013

As Defense Department officials execute their government shutdown plan by furloughing non-excepted government civilians, some officials on Capitol Hill are pointing to the Pay Our Military Act, signed into law by President Obama yesterday, in arguing that such a measure is no longer necessary.

Daily News | September 27, 2013

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter this week issued guidance aimed at keeping a skeleton of essential Defense Department functions afloat in the event that Congress cannot agree on a funding bill for fiscal year 2014 by midnight Monday.

Daily News | September 27, 2013

Within the next few days, Germany will have to decide whether to pump additional funds into its Euro Hawk program to keep flying its sole demonstrator unmanned aircraft, or stop flying the airplane.

Daily News | September 25, 2013

The Army has elected to disregard a recommendation from J. Michael Gilmore, the director of operational test and evaluation, aimed at allowing independent assessments of the Patriot missile defense system's reliability, according to a Defense Department official.

The Insider | September 23, 2013

The Defense Business Board is slated to meet on Oct. 17 to discuss the findings of a task group charged with identifying “major business issues” that should be tackled in the ongoing Quadrennial Defense Review, according to a Federal Register notice.

Daily News | September 11, 2013

The Defense Department should redo the cost analysis that led to a decision earlier this year to leave the U.S. Africa Command headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, the Government Accountability Office states in a new report.

Daily News | August 28, 2013

A government interpretation of the public-disclosure laws governing federal advisory committees puts the National Defense Panel, charged with evaluating the Quadrennial Defense Review, outside transparency requirements ordinarily applied to similar groups.

Daily News | August 23, 2013

As the Quadrennial Defense Review gets underway, one development worth watching is whether the drill will simply serve to formulate a present-day logic for the pre-sequestration Defense Strategic Guidance that cemented the pivot to Asia, or whether the review will identify and account for mismatches stemming from new fiscal and political realities.

Daily News | August 21, 2013

Defense Department officials are behind schedule to meet a White House mandate for reporting contractors' past performance, information that is supposed to be considered in source-selection decisions, according to a DOD memo.

Daily News | August 21, 2013

Pentagon officials are again delaying the publication of an interim rule that would dictate what cleared defense contractors must do after getting hit by a cyber attack.

Daily News | August 15, 2013

Defense Department officials are tapping the balance of a new transfer fund set up by Congress earlier this year to pay for higher-than-expected United States Forces-Afghanistan troop levels, according to a recent reprogramming notice sent to lawmakers.

Daily News | August 14, 2013

Defense Department officials should take greater care to ensure their programs are tested under preplanned, realistic conditions, skipping crude data analysis techniques in favor of more advanced ones to ensure better insight into system performance, according to a report prepared for Pentagon chief weapons tester Michael Gilmore.

Daily News | August 6, 2013

A draft report under review by the White House lays out new steps the government should take to account for cybersecurity in federal acquisitions, but it ultimately banks on "market forces" to ensure that goods and services are free from vulnerabilities.

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