Sebastian Sprenger

Sebastian Sprenger was the chief editor of Inside the Army until May 2016, where he primarily reported on land warfare and associated budgets, policies and technologies. A native of Siegen, Germany, he got is start in journalism at the now-defunct Westfälische Rundschau in Kreuztal. He studied at Universität Trier and elsewhere.

Archived Articles
Daily News | August 1, 2013

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn (R) is pointing to a recently published Defense Department report on unobligated funds, crafted at his behest, in urging defense leaders to prevent "unnecessary" furloughs of critical personnel, according to a statement from his office provided in response to questions from Inside the Pentagon.

The Insider | July 26, 2013

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is slated to get a new military adviser in Army Maj. Gen. Robert Abrams. His nomination for the job, which would come with a promotion to lieutenant general, was announced by the Defense Department today. Online Senate records carry a date of July 24 for the nomination.

Daily News | July 25, 2013

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has granted the services more time to prepare their proposed fiscal year 2015 program and spending blueprints, citing complaints about "undue workload" because of a confluence of additional, out-of-cycle chores sparked by the prospect of sequestration.

The Insider | June 21, 2013

Cooperation with Russia on missile defense remains a “priority” for the Obama administration, according to Frank Rose, the deputy assistant secretary of state for space and defense policy.

The Insider | June 20, 2013

A bilateral protocol for the new U.S.-Russian follow-on agreement to the cooperative threat reduction program, announced by President Obama earlier this week, reveals the kind of compromise Moscow and Washington leaders have struck on the previously thorny issue of liabilities.

Daily News | June 20, 2013

Republican lawmakers on Wednesday sharply criticized a new White House plan to further reduce the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal, with House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard "Buck" McKeon (R-CA) reiterating allegations that Russia has been violating an existing arms-reduction agreement.

Daily News | June 19, 2013

The United States and Russia have signed a new agreement to cooperate in combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction, leaving behind the legal ground provided for the past two decades by the Cooperative Threat Reduction program and turning instead to a type of pact that Russia has favored for years.

Daily News | June 12, 2013

House defense authorizers, concerned that the Pentagon might abandon previous investments in the Standard Missile 3 IIB interceptor, want the Missile Defense Agency to consider a new effort to keep developments simmering, a congressional report shows.

Daily News | May 30, 2013

The Defense Department has reported to Congress a per-unit cost of roughly $400,000 for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program, providing for the first time a figure for the added costs the Army expects on top of what service leaders have touted as a $250,000 vehicle.

Daily News | May 7, 2013

Defense officials have embarked on a systematic review of threats to U.S. military spacecraft while at the same time investing in capabilities to "deny" adversaries the use of space, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

Daily News | May 3, 2013

The leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee have called on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to outline by July 1 how the Pentagon's fiscal year 2014 budget would be cut by $52 billion, as required under sequestration.

Daily News | May 3, 2013

An unmanned hypersonic flight test demonstrator flew five times the speed of sound this week, achieving the longest-ever air-breathing hypersonic flight, according to the Air Force.

Daily News | April 17, 2013

While the Defense Department is moving to conduct congressionally required environmental site surveys for ground-based interceptor bases on the U.S. East Coast, a final assessment about whether such installations will be needed in the first place has yet to be made, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told lawmakers.

The Insider | April 11, 2013

Pentagon leaders are expected to study the Defense Department's support agencies, as well as the combatant commands and their service-specific outfits with an eye toward savings, according to senior officials.

Daily News | April 9, 2013

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel yesterday approved the final funding for the trinational Medium Extended Air Defense System, ending a period of intense haggling over the program's future between Pentagon leaders and critics in Congress, has learned.

Daily News | April 8, 2013

The Defense Department's focus on the Asia Pacific region will move ahead even if the full measure of sequestration cuts were to take effect over the next 10 years, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

Daily News | March 28, 2013

U.S. Central Command officials have put Defense Department contractors working in Afghanistan on notice about a sophisticated fraud scheme in which criminals pose as military contracting officials, according to documents.

Daily News | March 20, 2013

Pentagon officials likely will jump through the hoops of a federal rulemaking process to satisfy a new legal requirement aimed at forcing defense contractors with access to secret government information to report network hacking incidents to the Defense Department.

Daily News | March 13, 2013

A renewed push by the White House to substantially limit or even eliminate overseas contingency operations funding beginning in fiscal year 2015 could leave the Defense Department short tens of billions of dollars, according to defense officials.

Daily News | March 8, 2013

The Obama administration this week took new steps toward reforming the decades-old American export-control system, promising to enable an increase in international sales for the defense and aerospace sector while trying to ensure foreign buyers won't use these companies' products against the United States or its allies.

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