Sebastian Sprenger

Sebastian Sprenger was the chief editor of Inside the Army until May 2016, where he primarily reported on land warfare and associated budgets, policies and technologies. A native of Siegen, Germany, he got is start in journalism at the now-defunct Westfälische Rundschau in Kreuztal. He studied at Universität Trier and elsewhere.

Archived Articles
Daily News | July 18, 2008

Responding to an urgent request from commanders on the ground, the Pentagon will soon ship its first transportable forensic analysis laboratory to Afghanistan, according to Defense Department sources.

Daily News | July 16, 2008

U.S. Pacific Command's need to cooperate with countries in its area of responsibility must be balanced with talk of America's "military pre-eminence" in the region, PACOM Commander Adm. Timothy Keating said today.

Daily News | July 15, 2008

Defense Department officials earlier this year began supplying military equipment to Pakistani special operations companies destined to conduct helicopter-supported raids against Taliban forces under the cover of night, according to a recent report sponsored by the Pentagon.

Daily News | July 14, 2008

Defense Department officials should do a better job articulating the goals of the Operationally Responsive Space initiative to ensure participation by the services and the intelligence community, the Government Accountability Office says in a new report.

Daily News | July 11, 2008

A key lawmaker yesterday said he was surprised to learn that two senior Air Force officials overseeing the service's aerial refueling tanker program were absent at a May Government Accountability Office hearing examining the legality of a high-stakes contract award to Northrop Grumman.

Daily News | July 10, 2008

A new National Military Strategy being drafted by Joint Staff officials is expected to cement stability operations capabilities as a core requirement for U.S. forces, according to an Army pamphlet circulating in the ground service's planning community.

Daily News | July 9, 2008

Officials in the Pentagon's Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell have begun handing off the management of some urgent requests for weaponry from field commanders as the organization continues to grapple with money problems, according to documents and sources.

Daily News | July 7, 2008

Fundamental research conducted for the military by civilian research institutions should remain unclassified to ensure researchers can widely circulate the work in the scientific community, according to a recent memo from Pentagon acquisition chief John Young.

Daily News | July 3, 2008

Army leaders are eyeing the creation of "Security Cooperation Brigade Combat Teams" charged with training foreign security forces and participating in international operations and exercises, according to an internal Army document.

Daily News | July 1, 2008

Pentagon leaders should move aggressively to eliminate waste and create financial transparency, according to a group of industry experts advising Defense Secretary Robert Gates business matters.

Daily News | June 30, 2008

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has quietly created a new senior-level panel to advise him on decisions related to the Defense Department's global network of military bases, defense officials said.

Daily News | June 27, 2008

Defense Department officials are seeking new information-sharing and network technologies for use in the military under a program that pairs venture capitalists with small, high-tech companies, the Pentagon announced today.

Daily News | June 26, 2008

The Chinese government's continued buildup of cutting-edge surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities is increasingly putting U.S. and allied forces stationed in the region "at risk," a Defense Department official told Congress yesterday.

Daily News | June 25, 2008

A draft Pentagon directive governing the military's approach to irregular warfare has sparked intense controversy at the Pentagon, leading to a delay of the document's publication until the fall, according to defense officials.

Daily News | June 20, 2008

Senior Pentagon leaders are eying an increased role for the National Guard in the military's campaign to forge alliances with foreign security forces in conflict-prone regions around the world, defense officials tell

Daily News | June 19, 2008

Leaders at NATO's chief transformation shop should advocate to alliance members the creation of a policy to ensure military space issues receive adequate focus, according to a new report from an alliance organization dedicated to the study of air warfare.

Daily News | June 17, 2008

Defense Department officials are putting the finishing touches on a new directive aimed at establishing the practice of capability portfolio management as a key fixture in Pentagon budget deliberations, sources tell

Daily News | June 16, 2008

The Defense Science Board will examine how the Defense Department could benefit from scientific breakthroughs in the field of synthetic biology.

Daily News | June 13, 2008

Pentagon officials are eyeing an expansion of the Defense Department's bedrock resource management mechanism by adding a formal process for assessing how well the department's plans, programs and budgets help meet national security goals, sources tell

Daily News | June 12, 2008

Defense Department officials have never applied a 2006 Pentagon policy aimed at making energy efficiency a key criterion in the development of new military capabilities, sources tell

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