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Daily News | June 2, 2004

The Defense Department will ask Congress to approve shifting about $2.5 billion within the department's 2004 budget to pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other unrelated bills, the Pentagon's top budget official said today.

Daily News | May 26, 2004

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's delay of a decision on whether to procure Boeing KC-767 refueling tankers for the Air Force could lead to a new competition for the aircraft, a Defense Department official said today.

Daily News | April 21, 2004

By the end of calendar year 2004, the Bush administration will have eight interceptor missiles it can place on alert status to defend against a North Korean ballistic missile attack, the head of the Pentagon's missile defense program told a Senate subcommittee today.

Daily News | April 20, 2004

The Defense Department can sustain the 135,000-strong force level now in Iraq or even add more troops if U.S. Central Command chief Army Gen. John Abizaid asked for them to combat insurgent forces, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.

Daily News | April 7, 2004

Troops stationed in Iraq may have to stay in country longer than anticipated to combat insurgents who have raised the level of violence there in the past week, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.

Daily News | March 26, 2004

Forty-nine retired military officers today sent a letter to President Bush urging him to delay the planned September fielding of a national missile defense system and instead spend the money on shoring up U.S. ports and borders.

Daily News | March 22, 2004

Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) is drafting a bill that would make it easier for the United States to transfer missile defense technologies to other countries. Speaking at a conference in Washington, Allard said he wants to get a "fast-track" approval process in place this year.

Daily News | March 9, 2004

A recently proposed Senate bill that would permanently increase the size of the Army will not ease the stress now felt by soldiers deployed around the world, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.

Daily News | February 4, 2004

Continuing schedule and technical problems have forced the Missile Defense Agency to shelve the idea of using the Airborne Laser on an emergency basis over the next two years, according to the administration's fiscal year 2005 defense budget request.

Daily News | February 2, 2004

Unit costs for the Air Force's new, multibillion-dollar space-launch program have risen more than 25 percent due to procurement violations by Boeing and a slide in the commercial launch market, resulting in a breach of the so-called Nunn-McCurdy threshold, a senor Air Force budget official said last week.

Daily News | January 28, 2004

Former Iraq weapons inspector David Kay told a Senate committee today he backs the creation of an independent commission to review U.S. intelligence leading up to the Iraq war. Democrats in Congress are pushing for a commission to look at intelligence estimates on Iraq's suspected weapons of mass destruction arsenal.

Daily News | January 27, 2004

The Missile Defense Agency has successfully demonstrated a booster rocket that is central to the national missile defense system the Bush administration plans to field later this year, MDA said today.

Daily News | January 26, 2004

The Marine Corps will shift 1,372 jobs now being done by uniformed Marines to civilian workers, freeing up those Marines to be sent to combat forces around the world, according to an internal message sent out by Commandant Gen. Michael Hagee.

Daily News | January 23, 2004

President Bush announced yesterday he intends to nominate John Young, the Navy's top acquisition official, to be the next deputy under secretary of defense for acquisition and technology.

Daily News | January 14, 2004

Eighteen Army soldiers committed suicide while deployed in Iraq last year, pushing the service's suicide rate slightly higher than the annual average, Dr. William Winkenwerder, the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, said today.

Daily News | January 12, 2004

The Missile Defense Agency, citing a shortage and other program priorities, has shifted the next planned intercept test of the Navy's sea-based program from this spring to January 2005, a senior MDA official told today.

Daily News | January 7, 2004

Lockheed Martin today won a Pentagon contract to build a miniature kill vehicle capable of destroying ballistic missiles in the midcourse phase of flight.

Daily News | January 2, 2004

While the number of attacks against coalition forces in Iraq has dropped more than 50 percent since November, the sophistication and complexity of those attacks is increasing, a coalition official said today.

Daily News | December 29, 2003

Rear Adm. Steven Enewold is taking over as program manager of the multibillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter program, the Defense Department announced today.

Daily News | December 16, 2003

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld today said he has asked the CIA to oversee the interrogation of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

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