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Daily News | January 14, 2003

A bipartisan group of senators yesterday introduced a bill that would cut off all U.S. nuclear aid to North Korea unless that country met a host of conditions, including international inspections of all nuclear sites and materials.

Daily News | January 9, 2003

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Jones yesterday approved the start of a smallpox immunization program for all Marines headed to the U.S. Central Command region, which includes Iraq.

Daily News | January 8, 2003

The Marine Corps is putting a one-year hold on active and reserve personnel separations so the service can meet its manpower needs for future operations, according to Commandant Gen. James Jones.

Daily News | December 31, 2002

Following what it termed a successful demonstration of the Airborne Laser's ability to detect and track a ballistic missile during its boost phase of flight, the Missile Defense Agency is considering adding ABL to future missile defense tests.

Daily News | December 11, 2002

A test of the ground-based midcourse defense (GMD) system could not be completed early today after the interceptor and booster rocket failed to separate, the Defense Department announced.

Daily News | December 10, 2002

During a test of the Bush administration's burgeoning national missile defense system set for early tomorrow morning, a Navy Aegis cruiser will attempt to detect and track a multistage target during its ascent phase and determine when the target reentry vehicle separates from its booster rocket, according to a Defense Department official and a Navy source.

Daily News | December 5, 2002

On Dec. 18, the Missile Defense Agency will present to industry its plan for developing by 2009 kinetic-energy interceptors that can destroy ballistic missiles as they travel through their boost and ascent phases of flight, which can last up to 600 seconds after launch.

Daily News | November 22, 2002

The Navy's Aegis weapon system successfully guided a Standard Missile-3 carrying a kinetic interceptor toward a ballistic missile target last night during a test over the Pacific Ocean.

Daily News | November 20, 2002

Stating he was "not happy" to learn of a new, potentially $690 million cost overrun to the Air Force's multibillion dollar F/A-22 development program, the Pentagon's top acquisition official said today the Defense Acquisition Board will "look at the reality" of overrun estimates during a previously scheduled Dec. 5 meeting.

Daily News | November 20, 2002

Defending the Defense Department's research of technology that may be able to compile a massive information database used to track terrorists, the Pentagon's top acquisition executive said today he does not know if the database will be used only for those suspected of terrorist activities, or for all Americans.

Daily News | November 12, 2002

The Missile Defense Agency is continuing to put together its fiscal year 2004 budget plan, nearly three months after the military services and other defense agencies submitted their financial blueprints to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Daily News | November 7, 2002

A recently completed Army plan to test Scud and Scud-like missile targets at the White Sands Missile Range, NM, is awaiting approval from the Pentagon's director of missile defense programs, according to the Army Space and Missile Defense Command.

Daily News | November 6, 2002

One day after the midterm elections added one more loop to the roller coaster ride the Senate has been on this year, Republicans surprisingly find themselves in charge of steering President Bush's national security strategy through the 108th Congress.

Daily News | November 4, 2002

United States Joint Forces Command will hold a concept development conference for its next major military experiment, Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment '04, in early December, according to a recently issued JFCOM message.

Daily News | October 30, 2002

The Navy today awarded EDS a $1.9 billion contract modification for the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet, a move that will add two years to the contract the company won in October 2000.

Daily News | October 29, 2002

Beset by problems in developing the booster rockets to power its developing ground-based missile defense system, the Missile Defense Agency and lead contractor Boeing are studying the program's future flight test schedule and will focus the test program over the next year on developing the boosters, an MDA official told this week.

Daily News | October 23, 2002

The Navy has told Congress it has enough money in its future years defense plan to refuel eight of the 10 Los Angeles-class nuclear submarines that qualify for refueling.

Daily News | October 16, 2002

The Senate today approved a $355 billion defense appropriations conference agreement for fiscal year 2003 by a 93-1 vote.

Daily News | September 24, 2002

The Air Force may have to fly the modified 747 aircraft that carries the Airborne Laser missile defense system outside of the restricted airspace of the White Sands Missile Range, NM, and attack targets flown within the range, according to a recently released environmental study of the ABL's proposed ground and flight tests.

Daily News | September 23, 2002

The Marine Corps has resumed anthrax immunizations for troops who are assigned to or may be deployed to higher-threat areas of Southwest Asia for more than 15 consecutive days.

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