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Daily News | July 17, 2001

The United States could have an operational, albeit rudimentary, national missile defense system by calendar year 2004 based at a planned test facility at Ft. Greely, AK to defend against a ballistic missile launch by North Korea, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told a Senate committee today.

Daily News | July 16, 2001

Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $53 million contract for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of an unmanned undersea vehicle that will detect diesel submarines and mine-laying craft, the Defense Department announced today.

Daily News | July 13, 2001

The Bush administration's position that the United States and Russia should move beyond the constraints of the ABM Treaty, thus allowing the U.S. to test land-, sea- and space-based missile defenses, is in many ways a "no lose" proposition for Russia, President Bush's national security adviser Condoleeza Rice, said today.

Daily News | July 12, 2001

The Navy successfully carried out a static hot fire test of the warhead that will be used in the service's Theater Wide missile defense system, according to an announcement issued today.

Daily News | July 6, 2001

The Defense Department announced today that it has scheduled an intercept test of the National Missile Defense system for July 14.

Daily News | July 3, 2001

General Dynamics Land Systems today was awarded a $714 million contract for the systems development and demonstration phase of the Marine Corps' Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle program, the Defense Department announced.

Daily News | June 26, 2001

The Marine Corps yesterday suspended further Anthrax immunizations of its operating forces due to dwindling supplies of federally approved doses of the vaccine.

Daily News | June 25, 2001

The Bush administration will ask Congress for $7.9 billion to support a revamped missile defense program in fiscal year 2002, according to documents and sources.

Daily News | June 21, 2001

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) told Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld today that he wants the Pentagon's fiscal year 2002 amended budget sent to Congress by next Wednesday.

Daily News | June 21, 2001

The Senate Appropriations Committee today approved $5.9 billion in additional defense spending for fiscal year 2001.

Daily News | June 20, 2001

Navy Secretary Gordon England told a Senate committee today he would like to accelerate the development of the Joint Strike Fighter, based on program briefings he has received. England later told that he has no specific acceleration plan in mind, only that he was making "a general comment" to the committee.

Daily News | June 18, 2001

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is tackling a problem that has befuddled every one of his predecessors: trying to get the Defense Department running as a leaner and more efficient organization, the new service secretaries and the deputy defense secretary said today.

Daily News | June 14, 2001

The Navy today awarded the DD-21 alliance a $124 million contract to continue design work on the service's 21st-century warship.

Daily News | June 8, 2001

Congress is coming dangerously close to running out of time to review the Bush administration's fiscal year 2002 defense budget before the current fiscal year ends, the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees told Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday.

Daily News | June 6, 2001

The military services expect to show Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld their amended fiscal year 2002 budgets when Rumsfeld returns from a European trip this Saturday, newly installed Air Force Secretary James Roche told the Senate Appropriations Committee today.

Daily News | June 5, 2001

Under sharp and pointed questioning today from Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Douglas Feith, President Bush's nominee for under secretary of defense for policy, stood by a 1999 legal memo he wrote in which he said the 1972 ABM Treaty no longer matters because one of the treaty parties, the Soviet Union, no longer exists.

Daily News | June 5, 2001

Harris Corp. today was awarded a contract by the Air Force to develop and build up to 200 ground multiband terminals, a contract that could be worth up to $300 million, the Defense Department announced.

Daily News | June 4, 2001

If Congress approves a $6.1 billion defense supplemental appropriations request President Bush submitted last Friday (June 1), the Navy will have the $36 million it needs to begin the job of recovering the bodies of 17 Japanese civilians who were killed when the Navy nuclear attack submarine Greeneville struck the 180-foot Japanese fishing trawler Ehime Maru off Hawaii on Feb. 9.

Daily News | June 4, 2001

The Marine Corps is pulling together a group of senior civilian information technology professionals to assist in managing the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet transition plan for civilian employees, 300 of whom will lose their jobs as a result of the potential $7 billion NMCI contract awarded to EDS last October.

Daily News | June 1, 2001

Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA), a member of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, will try to increase the size of President Bush's $6.1 billion fiscal year 2001 defense supplemental request when the subcommittee considers it, a Dicks spokesman told yesterday.

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