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Daily News | January 25, 2001

Unlike his predecessor, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is not stopping the Joint Chiefs of Staff from providing Congress with budget "wish lists" that detail unfunded requirements for each of the military services, Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. Craig Quigley said today.

Daily News | January 23, 2001

The Navy today awarded two contracts worth nearly $1 billion for integrated installation support of its command, control, communications, computers and intelligence systems.

Daily News | January 23, 2001

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld started his second tour at the Pentagon Monday by participating in a secure telephone conversation with Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice, followed by a meeting today with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at which the main topic of conversation was the services' transformation plans, Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. Craig Quigley said.

Daily News | January 22, 2001

Before it cements a plan to consolidate ship maintenance work at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, the Navy should develop a complete accounting of consolidated maintenance activities there and distinguish between the different types of maintenance work the shipyard will handle, the General Accounting Office said in a report released today.

Daily News | January 18, 2001

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Jones has asked the service's inspector general to investigate whether the commanding officer of a Marine Corps V-22 training squadron based at New River, NC, asked Marines to falsify maintenance records on the squadron's aircraft, one of which crashed on Dec. 11, killing four Marines, the service announced today.

Daily News | January 18, 2001

Deputy Defense Secretary Rudy de Leon gave final approval last week to a shift of $63 million from the services' fiscal years 2001 and 2002 budgets to the Single Integrated Air Picture office, which was set up last year to resolve interoperability problems among the major military commands.

Daily News | January 17, 2001

Under a new plan approved last week by the Pentagon comptroller, the Navy will discard a building block development plan and fiscal year 2006 deployment date for the Theater Wide missile defense program to focus instead on fielding a fully capable and operational system about four years later.

Daily News | January 17, 2001

After seeing its officer attrition rates reach 10.1 percent during fiscal year 1999, the Marine Corps is reporting the figure has dropped a full percentage point in FY-00 and that the service exceeded its congressionally authorized end strength of 17,888 officers by 50.

Daily News | January 8, 2001

The Air Force announced today it has awarded three separate contracts totaling $350 million for support work on the F-22 Raptor program.

Daily News | January 5, 2001

The Air Force will ask Congress for permission to reprogram $38 million into the $800 million airborne laser program for fiscal year 2001 to counter technical challenges involving "air worthiness testing, laser segment and beam control design," the service said today.

Daily News | January 2, 2001

A coalition of defense industry trade groups is asking the incoming Bush administration to make several changes to how the Pentagon meets logistics and readiness needs, the most significant of which is the creation of a new deputy under secretary for logistics and material readiness.

Daily News | January 2, 2001

The General Accounting Office is recommending the federal government review a proposed sale of Russian low enriched uranium to a private U.S. company to judge its effect on national security and the U.S. commercial nuclear fuel industry.

Daily News | December 28, 2000

The Defense Department announced today that financial bonuses offered by defense contractors for recruiting and retaining high-tech workers will now be considered an allowable cost under revised government regulations.

Daily News | December 21, 2000

Preliminary analysis of a flight data recorder shows that a Marine Corps V-22 Osprey that crashed Dec. 11 suffered a hydraulic malfunction before it plunged to earth in the wooded North Carolina countryside, the Marine Corps announced today.

Daily News | December 20, 2000

The Defense Department has issued new guidelines to contracting officers for dealing with companies who have violated procurement and other federal laws.

Daily News | December 20, 2000

The Marine Corps has put a call out to pilots of KC-130 aerial refueling aircraft, urging them to apply to fly its replacement, the KC-130J.

Daily News | December 18, 2000

Defense Secretary William Cohen has selected retired Marine Corps Gen. John Dailey, a former assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, to be one of three members of a blue ribbon panel that will review the state of the V-22 program. Cohen made the announcement last Friday (Dec. 15), four days after a V-22 crashed in North Carolina during a training flight.

Daily News | December 15, 2000

The Army grounded its fleet of AH-64 Apache helicopters late yesterday after discovering a "faulty tail rotor swashplate assembly," the service said in a statement released today.

Daily News | December 15, 2000

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki's vision for transforming the service from a predominantly heavy force to one that is lighter and more survivable will face many hurdles before it is realized.

Daily News | December 14, 2000

The Army announced today it has given Sikorsky Aircraft a $105.9 million modification to an earlier contract to build 14 Black Hawk helicopters for the Colombian military's fight against narco-traffickers.

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