Defense Business Briefing -- May 24, 2022

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This week's top story

Raytheon unveils advanced technology business unit

Raytheon Intelligence & Space announced a new name for its secretive advanced technology division, according to a company press release.

News & notes

Lockheed Martin, Airbus announce LMXT boom manufacturing location

The boom system for the LMXT air refueling tanker would be manufactured at an unspecified location in western Arkansas if the LMXT wins a potential bridge tanker competition, according to a Lockheed Martin press release.

Air Mobility Command announces details for Summer Industry Preview

Air Mobility Command's 2022 Summer Industry Preview will be held at Scott Air Force Base between July 12-13, according to an AMC release.

Stefany: Gap in LHA production poses cost increase and industrial base impact

The gap in production between the LHA-9 and LHA-10 amphibious assault ships will result in a cost increase for the Navy and impact the industrial base, according to a service leader.

GA-ASI to deliver two MQ-9As to 3rd MRL in Hawaii next summer

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems will deliver two MQ-9A unmanned aircraft to the 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment next summer, a company official said.

Navy seeks multiyear deal for nine destroyers plus an option ship

The Navy will submit a legislative proposal to Congress that will include nine destroyers in a multiyear contract plus an option ship to "provide flexibility," according to a senior service official.

Navy seeking information on air-delivered maritime mine

The Navy is asking for industry’s input on an air vehicle that can accurately deliver a maritime mine.

Appointments & promotions

Moran joins Castellum's advisory board

Former Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) has joined Castellum's advisory board, according to a company announcement.

What's happening

The week ahead

Senior defense officials are slated to speak at several public events this week.

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Navy aims to become climate-ready through new action plan

As coastal installations face rising sea levels, recurring flooding and other disastrous impacts of climate change, the Navy has outlined its course of action to build a climate-ready force by 2030.

Army FY-23 request boosts truck research funding

The Army would increase development spending on its medium and heavy tactical vehicles by tens of millions of dollars under its fiscal year 2023 budget request, including programs to bring limited electrification and autonomy to cargo trucks.