Defense Business Briefing -- May 7, 2024

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This week's top story

HII CEO: Manufacturing and shipbuilding labor major factor in delays

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to shipbuilding delays, but labor is the most contributing factor, shipbuilder HII Chief Executive Officer Chris Kastner told investors in a first-quarter earnings call Thursday.

News & notes

State moves to ease weapons export regulations in support of AUKUS

The State Department is proposing to exempt the U.K. and Australia from International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to better bolster the trilateral AUKUS agreement and "foster defense trade and cooperation between and among the United States and two of its closest allies."

Lockheed, Maxar enter contract to expand F-35 simulator

Lockheed Martin and Maxar Intelligence on Monday entered a contract to better integrate several of Maxar's 2D and 3D products into a digital cockpit intended to replicate the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, according to a company announcement.

Army delays full-rate production contract for Javelin launch units

The Army is delaying a full-rate production contract for anti-armor missile launch units by at least three months, according to a service spokesperson.

Appointments & promotions

DOD price, cost and finance director steps down

Janice Muskopf, the Defense Department's director of price, cost and finance, has retired and will be temporarily succeeded by an acting official, according to a recent Pentagon memo.

Falk elected as Lockheed board's independent lead director

Lockheed Martin announced this week that Thomas Falk had been elected as independent lead director of the board.

What's happening

The week ahead

Senior defense officials are scheduled to speak at several events around Washington and elsewhere this week.

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Air Force report explains space mission transition proposal; Guard, governors remain opposed

The Defense Department sent a report to Congress and U.S. governors detailing why it wants to transition Air National Guard space missions into the Space Force, while governors and the National Guard Association of the United States continue to push against the proposal.

Japan, Australia, U.S. announce plans for 'inaugural' regional missile defense event

Japan, Australia and the United States announced plans for a trilateral air and missile defense live-fire exercise -- an "inaugural" event -- that will be folded into the 2027 Talisman Sabre exercise that simulates a highly contested combat scenario in the Indo-Pacific region.