Defense Business Briefing -- April 30, 2024

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Boeing's fixed-price contracts with the Air Force are still burning cash

Boeing's defense unit has logged $222 million in losses since January on two major firm fixed-price contracts with the Air Force, the KC-46A and T-7A, Chief Financial Officer Brian West told investors during a first-quarter earnings call.

News & notes

After long wait, Lockheed to resume F-35 deliveries between July and September

Deliveries of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft are on track to resume this summer, albeit with a truncated version of Technology Refresh-3 software upgrades, top Lockheed Martin executives told shareholders during a call to discuss the company's first-quarter earnings.

Northrop won't compete for 'very low cost and not survivable' drone contracts

Northrop Grumman isn't looking to compete for non-survivable drone programs and will focus on drones for high-end threats, CEO Kathy Warden told investors during the company's first-quarter earnings call.

GD execs: Submarine supply chain needs funding for second Virginia shipset in FY-25

With the Navy requesting only one Virginia-class submarine in fiscal year 2025, it is important that the sea service also fund a second, full shipset of Virginia materials to sustain the submarine supply chain, according to General Dynamics executives.

Oshkosh Defense sales increases by $24M

Oshkosh Defense sales rose by $23.8 million in the first quarter of 2024, marking a 4.6% increase from the same quarter last year, according to company executives.

Honeywell reports $558M revenue increase in aerospace

Honeywell's aerospace segment revenues rose by $558 million, an 18% increase from the same quarter last year, according to company executives.

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The week ahead

Senior defense officials are scheduled to appear at several congressional hearings and think tank events this week.

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DOD eyes major upswing in prototype funding for office focused on countering

The Pentagon plans to pump an additional $1.7 billion -- a 75% increase over last year's plan between fiscal years 2025 and 2028 -- into the secretive shop that prototypes new and surprising ways of using existing technology to bolster conventional deterrence against China and Russia.

Stryker Upgrade program now a billpayer in new Army POM; annual procurement slashed from 184 to 11

The Army's Stryker Upgrade program -- a project that as recently as last year enjoyed a $1.2 billion annual budget to up-gun and expand improvements across the armored wheeled vehicle -- is now a billpayer, with service leaders siphoning $1.3 billion from future plans to finance other projects.