Defense Business Briefing -- Oct. 17, 2023

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Saronic raises $55M for autonomous ships amid DOD's Replicator push

Defense startup Saronic Technologies announced it has secured $55 million in funding from private capital to accelerate research, development and production on autonomous maritime vessels in alignment with the goals cited by the Defense Department's new Replicator initiative.

News & notes

HDT opts to submit wheeled Robotic Combat Vehicle

With the Army set to test prototypes of the Robotic Combat Vehicle, one contender believes wheels are more reliable than tracks.

American Rheinmetall designing interchangeable cannon for XM30

American Rheinmetall's submission for the Army's next infantry fighting vehicle will have an interchangeable cannon, according to the company.

Air Force and Boeing negotiating MH-139A technical data rights

The Air Force has received technical data rights from Boeing to support Boeing's MH-139 Grey Wolf helicopter program depot maintenance, an Air Force spokesperson told Inside Defense.

CMMC AB selection of 'readiness tool' raises questions from stakeholders on competitive bidding process

The selection of a free "benefit" tool for consulting organizations who pay to be part of the accreditation body ecosystem for the Pentagon's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program is raising concerns from two stakeholders on the decision-making process and potential conflicts of interest.

What's happening

The week ahead

Senior defense officials are scheduled to speak at several events around Washington this week.

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DOD readying potential $90 billion in FY-24, FY-25 cuts required by debt ceiling deal

The Defense Department is bracing for potential budget cuts of about $90 billion to fiscal year 2024 and 2025 plans -- painful reductions likely to squeeze weapons system modernization accounts -- in the event congressional dysfunction extends into January triggering a statutory sequester provision of the June law enacted to raise the debt ceiling.

Navy braces for 'pain' as budget cuts loom under extended CR

The Navy is preparing for the possibility of budget cuts that will be triggered if Congress is still operating under a continuing resolution at the start of the new calendar year, according to Navy Comptroller Russell Rumbaugh, who said there is little the service can do to soften the blow of the looming cuts.

Congressional commission urges DOD to prep two-war nuclear deterrence strategy

A bipartisan congressional commission says the Defense Department must take urgent action to prepare to deter two nuclear adversaries at the same time -- China and Russia -- and commit to new investments, such as establishing a shipyard focused on nuclear-powered vessels, specifically submarines.