Defense Business Briefing -- Dec. 12, 2023

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This week's top story

Austin calls on U.S. defense companies to rebuild Ukraine's armaments sector

Senior military officials met with industry executives in Washington to discuss a strategy for bolstering domestic arms production in Ukraine, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin calling on the "full might of American industry" to aid Kyiv in what is expected to be a long-term battle against Russia.

News & notes

New DOD 'concierge' will identify candidates to fight communication barriers

A senior Defense Department official announced the creation of a new "transition concierge" service that will work to help strengthen communication channels between government weapon system developers and non-traditional, commercial defense companies.

FDD's Montgomery evaluates cyber provisions in compromise defense policy bill package

Mark Montgomery of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies struck a positive tone on the House-Senate compromise version of the fiscal year 2024 defense authorization bill, while noting that some cyber provisions didn't make the final cut.

Pentagon plans to hold public meeting on CMMC rulemaking after official publication

The Defense Department will hold a public meeting on its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program after the proposed rule implementing the initiative is published in the Federal Register, according to the latest unified agenda and regulatory plan.

DOD IG identifies 'weaknesses' in cyber defenses from contractors handling CUI

A new report from the Defense Department inspector general details common cybersecurity "weaknesses" on federal contractor networks that are handling controlled unclassified information for military services and agencies.

Appointments & promotions

Boeing appoints new COO

Boeing announced Stephanie Pope has been appointed as the company's new executive vice president and chief operating officer.

What's happening

The week ahead

Senior defense officials are slated to speak at a number of congressional and industry events this week in the Washington region.

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DOD updates non-kinetic force development goals laid out in the 2023 NDAA

The Defense Department is making progress on a congressional request to integrate “non-kinetic” forces into military situations, as requested by the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, as the year wraps up and House and Senate lawmakers agree to an FY-24 defense policy bill.

New 'era of missile-centric warfare' has arrived, elevating import of missile-defense systems

The conflicts in Ukraine and Israel have ushered in a new "era of missile-centric warfare" and elevated the importance of missile defense systems, demonstrating in real-world events capabilities previously relegated to intelligence forecasts and baked into key policy documents, including the 2022 National Defense Strategy, according to a senior Pentagon official.

Authorizers give go-ahead to Navy's Air Warfare Rapid Capabilities Office

Lawmakers plan to establish a Naval Air Warfare Rapid Capabilities Office to expedite the development, testing and fielding of naval air warfare capabilities, according to the fiscal year 2024 defense policy bill released last week.