Defense Business Briefing -- October 25, 2022

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Honeywell undergoes shift to align with Army modernization, executive says

Honeywell Aerospace, the company that has made engines for the Abrams tank and Chinook helicopter for decades, is undergoing a "strategic change" to align more closely with the Army's modernization effort and changing budget priorities, according to a top executive.

News & notes

Microsoft sees opportunities for increased coordination across DOD on zero trust

The Pentagon's upcoming zero-trust strategy will look at implementation across the Defense Department's "enterprise," according to Microsoft Federal Security Chief Technology Officer Steve Faehl, which he says differs from the approach on the civilian side of government and allows for increased coordination among the military services.

Lockheed Martin outlines 2050 space vision

In a warehouse in Washington, DC, Lockheed Martin today unveiled two new technologies and outlined a vision for a bustling space community by the middle of the century.

Vaccine producers break into DOD's list of top 10 contractors

Two manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine accounted for a significant increase in the Pentagon's state-by-state spending in fiscal year 2021, driven by large contracts related to vaccine and treatment purchases, according to new data from the Defense Department.

Lockheed works to ramp up HIMARS production to 96 per year

Executives at Lockheed Martin, the builder of the High Mobility Advanced Rocket Systems that have been a key component of U.S. military aid packages to Ukraine, say they're working to ramp up production of the rocket launchers to 96 per year.

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The week ahead

Senior defense officials are scheduled to speak around Washington this week at various think tank and military association events.

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DOD plans to scale hypersonic production at risk with current solid-rocket motor industry

The current domestic solid-rocket motor industrial base manufacturing capacity is insufficient to support U.S. military plans to field long-range hypersonic strike weapons in the middle of this decade, prompting the Pentagon to launch a new market research effort into the possibility of establishing an additional source.

Lockheed demos potential for improved AI sensing in military operations

A recent Lockheed Martin demonstration that included the orchestration of software at the edge in real time and the deployment of an in-flight update could give Pentagon officials a peek at how the integration of cutting-edge commercial technologies on military platforms are able to bolster intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.