Vanessa Montalbano July 19, 2024

Lockheed Martin today delivered the first two F-35 Joint Strike Fighters fit with a truncated version of the Technology Refresh-3 upgrade, officially lifting the Pentagon's year-long pause on accepting new jets despite the software still facing outstanding issues, according to a statement issued by the F-35 Joint Program Office.

Nickolai Sukharev July 19, 2024

Heating and ventilation issues discovered during the M10 Booker's development and prototyping phase will not affect operational tests scheduled to begin this month, bringing the Army a step closer to fielding its newest tracked combat vehicle by 2030.

Dan Schere July 19, 2024

The Army last month officially updated its requirements document for the Launched Effects program to better reflect its new approach of incorporating both the air and ground domains.

Jason Sherman July 19, 2024

Lawmakers have directed the Army to prepare an assessment of how its current long-range cannon capabilities -- specifically those assigned to armor and Stryker organizations -- would theoretically fare in a conflict such as the Russia-Ukraine fight in the wake of the service's decision to terminate the Extended Range Cannon Artillery program.

Abby Shepherd July 18, 2024

The Navy is determining industry capability for development of a new short- to mid-range maritime strike weapon on "behalf of potential international partners," according to a notice posted Tuesday, with the service aiming to begin low-rate initial production by fiscal year 2027.

Jason Sherman July 18, 2024

The Pentagon's top auditor is commencing a review of the U.S. military's ability to counter hypersonic weapons, an effort that comes five years into the Defense Department's concerted effort to bolster hypersonic capabilities with disproportionate investments in offensive strike.

Saronic raised $175M in private capital to aid the Navy in autonomous surface vessel demand

Saronic, a company that specializes in maritime defense, secured $175 million in private capital funding, valuing the company at $1 billion and giving way to continued development of autonomous surface vessels.

House appropriators seek report on public shipyards' ability to support wartime battle damage

House appropriators want an assessment of the ability of public shipyards to support wartime battle damage, according to a provision within the House Appropriations Committee's military construction spending bill directing the Navy to deliver a report on the issue within 180 days of the legislation's passage.

Joint Fires Network on track to deliver prototype 1.0 to INDOPACOM by end of year

A senior Pentagon official said today that the Joint Fires Network battle management system is on track to deliver prototype 1.0 to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command by the end of the year.