Adaptive Squad Architecture industry day set for January

By Jaspreet Gill / December 26, 2019 at 8:00 AM

The Army will hold a second industry day on Jan. 23 for Adaptive Squad Architecture, a service-owned technology architecture that delivers rapid capabilities to close combat squads.

A Dec. 6 Army notice states the industry day "is a part of an 18-month iterative process between the government and industry to arrive at a set of common standards and interface control documents that will comprise the government-owned ASA." The Army plans to use ASA by January 2021.

A request for information, posted in July, listed ASA focus areas as: establishing common standards and interface control documents for power management; data management for soldiers and squads; physical equipment interfaces; and size and weight management at the soldier and squad level.

The ASA will follow a modular open systems approach concept "intended to reduce the weight carried by soldiers/squads by having an architecture that facilitates combining multiple capabilities into a single hardware device and eliminating legacy hardware by development software applications that can be used on existing peripherals," according to the RFI.

The industry day will be held in Columbus, GA and will include remarks from service officials and two sessions informing industry on ASA updates.