Air Force names F-15EX Eagle II

By Courtney Albon / April 7, 2021 at 12:43 PM

The Air Force today unveiled the F-15EX as the Eagle II in a rollout ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base, FL.

Lt. Gen. Duke Richardson, the service's military deputy for acquisition, said today that using Mid-Tier Acquisition authorities, the Air Force and Boeing were able to deliver the first F-15EX aircraft within nine months of the initial contract award -- a process that typically takes more than three years.

"I'm pleased to say we've responded boldly and decisively with a proven platform that's modernized and optimized to maintain air superiority now and into the future," Richardson said.

The Air Force plans to buy at least 144 Eagle II aircraft to replace its F-15 C and D fleets. Richardson noted today that 75% of the two older variants are flying beyond their certified service life and 10% are grounded due to structural integrity issues.

The F-15EX leverages investments Boeing and international partners have made in recent years and includes survivability upgrades, a digital cockpit, fly-by-wire flight controls and an open mission systems architecture.

Richardson noted that the Air Force expects to save $3 billion operation and maintenance costs over the future years defense program as it transitions to the F-15EX.

The Air Force awarded Boeing a $1.2 billion contract last July for the first lot of eight aircraft. The company delivered the first aircraft in March and expects to deliver the second by the end of this month. The second production lot is expected to begin delivery in fiscal year 2024 and the third lot in FY-25.