Air Force wants to speed up delivery of C4I capabilities to Saudi Arabia

By Sara Sirota / January 2, 2020 at 1:38 PM

The Air Force is looking to sell Saudi Arabia communications and intelligence systems on an expedited delivery schedule to bolster the country's integrated air and missile defense, according to a recent notice.

The Dec. 31 request for information invites industry partners to share pricing and availability data on their technologies to support the Air Force program office executing future foreign military sale cases to the Gulf oil kingdom. Companies should be able to deliver systems six to 12 months after receiving a contract.

The capabilities will support command, control, communications, computers and intelligence to defend against such threats as cruise missiles, drones, aircraft and ballistic missiles. They should be able to integrate onto a secure computing environment and exchange information with up to 80 sensors and 1,000 data link participants, according to the RFI.