Anduril inks U.K. innovation deal

By Tony Bertuca / September 10, 2021 at 1:13 PM

Anduril Industries says it has been awarded a contract for up to two years by the U.K. Ministry of Defence to demonstrate "advanced, multidomain, integrated force protection technology."

The $5.2 million contract, awarded by MOD’s Strategic Command Innovation Hub, is part of a broader program called “TALOS” focused on accelerating integrated command and control.

“The system uses Anduril’s Lattice artificial intelligence operating system and a network of sensors to autonomously detect, classify, and track targets,” the company said in a statement. “The technology alerts operators to threats from ground intrusion or unmanned aerial systems and presents options for mitigation or engagement. TALOS is the first time that all of Anduril’s products and technology including Sentry Towers, ground sensors, Ghost 4 Drones and the Lattice AI operating system will be deployed together with the U.K. MOD.”

“The partnership between Anduril and jHub is an example of government and private sector successfully -- and rapidly -- moving emerging tech from a pilot project to a program to improve the operation of our Armed Forces,” said Paul Hollingshead, head of Anduril’s U.K. and NATO business.

Gen. Sir Patrick Sanders, chief of U.K. Strategic Command, said the technology is meant to identify and assess external threats in “nanoseconds.”

“The artificial intelligence at the heart of this system has great potential to protect our people and sites,” he said. “It’s another success for our innovation team at jHub, working closely with Anduril to help create a bespoke system, from idea to implementation at pace, to meet the specific requirements of our Armed Forces.”