Army acquisition chief says Iron Dome batteries are 'in transit' to Israel

By Dan Schere / November 7, 2023 at 7:28 PM

Doug Bush, the Army's top acquisition executive, told reporters Tuesday that the Iron Dome batteries the United States has committed to Israel are "in transit."

The Pentagon announced last month that it would be sending two Iron Dome air defense batteries and additional missile interceptors to Israel to aid the country following Hamas’ attack on Oct. 7. The batteries are made by Rafael, an Israeli company.

Bush said during a roundtable Tuesday that the batteries are in transit and “most of the missiles are already there.”

The quickest way to get the batteries and missiles to Israel was by leasing them under a foreign military sale, Bush explained.

“So, it’s not free. But it's a lease for a relatively small amount of money for 11 months, with payback to be determined and status of the units to be determined,” he said.

Bush said after the 11 months are up, Israel could decide to keep the Iron Dome systems and pay for them, or another arrangement might be possible “depending on factors on the ground.”

President Biden’s $106 billion supplemental spending request to Congress includes $1.2 billion for research, development, test and evaluation for Iron Beam -- a laser upgrade to Iron Dome also made by Rafael.