Army Applications Lab sets focus areas

By Ashley Tressel / May 10, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Army Futures Command’s Applications Laboratory in Austin, TX, this month announced several research areas it plans to focus on.

"To capitalize on opportunities for breakthrough research and development in key civil-military technology areas relevant to the Army’s modernization priorities, AFC has established the Army Applications Lab (AAL) to capitalize on the extended marketplace of ideas in government, academia, industry, and civilian innovation ecosystems and lead the research and development of disruptive innovations, i.e. technology demonstrators and early-stage products that revolutionize Army capabilities and corresponding civilian industries and create a first-mover advantage for the Army across a full spectrum of missions," a May 3 industry notice states.

The lab is seeking industry’s help on "discovery of novel capability," "acceleration of disruptive applications" and "translation of breakthrough innovations" in multiple technology areas, including autonomous platforms, artificial intelligence, data visualization and space.