Army asks about industry capabilities for truck-mounted howitzer

By Ethan Sterenfeld / January 10, 2022 at 4:08 PM

The Army released a pair of requests for information Jan. 7 to assess industry capabilities to prototype a possible wheeled 155 mm self-propelled howitzer.

One of the requests for information focused on the system’s armament, which could replace the M777 towed 155 mm howitzer in some units. The other was for the truck, with which the cannon would be integrated.

These market surveys follow October announcements that the Army plans to award other transaction agreements for companies to prototype the armament and truck for the Next Generation Howitzers.

Each request for information asks nine questions, most of which are shared between the requests. Companies must describe their capability to design, model, manufacture, qualify and field truck-based 155 mm artillery, as well their ability to work with the United States government and integrate new technologies into the system.

The armament request for information asks about the companies' ability to integrate “different cannon assemblies” onto 155 mm armament, and the truck request about the companies' experience with U.S. mobility requirements.

Neither request for information restricts its questions about manufacturing capability to the United States. Responses to both requests for information are due Feb. 4.

Defense contractors have expressed interest in the truck-mounted howitzer program, which matches capabilities that several other countries already possess.

Four contractors from Europe and the Middle East displayed their own 155 mm truck-mounted howitzers at the Association of the United States Army’s annual conference last October. Two U.S. contractors at the same event expressed their own interest in the program.