Army awards Lockheed OTA for ground-based electronic warfare capability

By Evan Ochsner / July 14, 2022 at 11:35 AM

The Army has entered into an other transaction agreement with Lockheed Martin to produce prototypes for an electronic warfare capability to be integrated on Stryker combat vehicles, the service announced Wednesday.

The $59 million contract supports a Manufacturing Proof of Concept for the Terrestrial Layer System-Brigade Combat Team. The agreement runs through October next year.

TLS is the service's new ground vehicle-based electronic warfare, signals intelligence and offensive cyber device. The integrated suite of capabilities is intended to improve situational awareness “through detection, identification, location, exploitation and disruption of enemy signals of interest,” Ken Strayer, project manager for electronic warfare and cyber, said in the announcement.

The capability will include “electronic attack and offensive cyber warfare options to deny, degrade, disrupt, or manipulate enemy signals of interest,” the Army said in a previous announcement. The service says TLS is a key part of achieving multidomain operations by 2028.

The Army had previously said it planned to field TLS capabilities for four different ground-based configurations: a small one for maneuver vehicles, a large one for signals intelligence personnel, a dismounted one for maneuver units and a large, extended-range capability.

The first unit equipped with TLS is planned for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2022, according to a Lockheed webpage, and the Army has already conducted soldier touchpoints for the technology.