Army awards OTAs in support of Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node

By Jaspreet Gill / January 11, 2021 at 4:17 PM

The Army today announced it has entered into other transaction authority agreements with Palantir Technologies and Raytheon Intelligence and Space for a critical ground modernization effort.

The agreements total $8.5 million per vendor over a 12-month period of performance, with the first phase informing the development and integration of the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node, according to a Jan. 11 Army press release.

TITAN is the Army's mobile intelligence ground station architecture that will leverage space-based, aerial and terrestrial layer sensors to provide targetable data. The system will provide access to low earth orbit satellites, enable deep sensing and shorten the sensor-to-shooter loop.

"TITAN will feature a modular, open-systems architecture, and will employ analytic tools, including advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), to assist soldiers and analysts managing large volumes of sensor data at the speed of demand in multidomain operations and across the continuum of competition and conflict," according to the press release.

Phase I of the OTA includes system-level design and software maturation and is "highlighted by a series of design reviews, software demonstrations and soldier touchpoints," the press release states.

One vendor for complete system prototyping will be selected during phase II of the OTA, followed by phase III which will consist of refining prototype capabilities by echelon. Phase IV will prototype and develop the system for the integration of future sensors and technology advancements, according to the release.

The service last September also selected Northrop Grumman to develop two TITAN prototypes that will support upcoming exercises and experiments in FY-22.

The Army plans to use TITAN in future Project Convergence demonstrations once delivered to the field in the fiscal year 2023 to FY-24 timeframe. During the first Project Convergence demonstration last September, the service used a TITAN surrogate to process data from a Gray Eagle drone.