Army awards vehicle sustainment contracts to BAE

By Evan Ochsner / October 5, 2022 at 1:52 PM

The Army in recent days awarded BAE Systems with sustainment contracts for some of the company's longtime vehicles, including the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the company announced.

BAE announced on Wednesday that the Army had awarded it a $383 million contract to perform technical and sustainment services for the Bradley and the Bradley-based M993 Multiple Launch Rocket System carrier.

BAE teams will provide ongoing engineering and logistics services for the Bradley, including the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle and M7 Bradley Fire Support Team variants, as well as the MLRS heavy-launch platform.

“Equipping our men and women on the front lines with proven combat capabilities positions them to be unmatched in battle,” Scott Davis, vice president of BAE Systems’ ground vehicles product line, said in the announcement. “We are proud to continue our partnership with the U.S. Army to ensure the Bradley and M993 MLRS are prepared to support mission readiness.”

BAE said it will complete the work at facilities in San Jose, CA, Sterling Heights, MI, and Phoenix, AZ among others.

On Tuesday, BAE announced it was awarded a $34 million contract -- with options of up to $110 million over a five-year period -- to provide sustainment services in support of the Army’s heavy combat vehicle recovery system. The contract funds work on the Army’s entire family of M88 recovery vehicles, which are capable of lifting over 70 tons, according to BAE.