Army CIO: FY-23 is key year for Army digital transformation

By Evan Ochsner / June 15, 2022 at 3:40 PM

The Army will use the coming fiscal year to implement the goals it laid out in its Digital Modernization Strategy, service Chief Information Officer Raj Iyer said Wednesday.

FY-23 “is the inflection point for us in terms of our how we are executing our resources,” Iyer said during an event hosted by GovConWire.

“It is absolutely critical that next year in '23 we can actually, truly pivot towards the objectives and the priorities established in the Army Digital Transformation Strategy,” he said.

That strategy was published late last year, meaning the Army this year has not significantly implemented its provisions, Iyer said. The first year the Army can implement the strategy is FY-23, he added.

The strategy played a key role in shaping the Army’s FY-23 request for $16.6 billion for IT, digital and cyber, Iyer said. That request is roughly the same as the year before, he added, and signifies a substantial investment by the Army.

“We absolutely have the resources we need to be able to do what we need to do,” according to Iyer.

The coming weeks should also provide more clarity on the Army’s implementation, as it will release public versions of its data plan and its digital human capital strategy, Iyer said.

The digital human capital strategy is the first such plan for the Army, he said, and it includes information about how to identify talent inside and outside of the Army for the digital transformation.