Army conducts indirect-fire test of Boeing-Nammo projectile

By Dan Schere / October 9, 2023 at 9:00 AM

The Army has conducted a test of the Ramjet 155 projectile, which contractors Boeing and Nammo say set a record for the longest indirect-fire test of a ramjet-powered artillery projectile with service officials watching, Boeing announced Monday.

In 2019, the Army awarded Boeing and Nammo a contract under the XM1155 program to develop the Ramjet 155 projectile. Ramjet 155 “utilizes an air-breathing engine design that uses the cannon firing to provide the speed needed for combustion,” according to a Monday announcement from Boeing.

The test, which took place at Yuma Proving Ground, AZ, involved the firing of a Ramjet 155 munition from a 58-caliber extended-range cannon artillery, according to Boeing. The test was held a few months ago, according to Boeing spokesman Josh Roth.

Boeing declined to disclose the exact distance the projectile was fired, with the company stating it believes it has “proven that ramjet projectiles can deliver the long range and precision desired by the Army.”

Gil Griffin, the executive director of Boeing Phantom Works, said in a statement Monday that the goal of the test was to “demonstrate the ability to safely operate from the ERCA system and validate our performance.”

“The team is working to deliver a superior, affordable precision strike weapon that can neutralize critical targets at long distances,” he said.

This test follows one last year in which Boeing and Nammo test-fired a munition using a 39-caliber towed artillery cannon in Norway. The companies said at the time that the 2022 test “demonstrated flight stability with a well-controlled engine combustion process.”

The two companies next plan to integrate a precision-guidance system that leverages a Joint Direct Attack Munition mission computer onto the Ramjet 155, which is meant to “evaluate the system’s maturity and effectiveness against stationary and moving targets.”