Army Cyber Command seeking name change to better reflect mission

By Jaspreet Gill / August 21, 2019 at 3:53 PM

Army Cyber Command is soon planning to seek approval to change its name to Army Information Warfare Command.

At an Aug. 20 TechNet Augusta conference in Georgia, Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, U.S. Army Cyber Command commander, said the service will be going to the Defense Department "by the next 60 days" to seek approval for the name change, saying it better reflects the organization's mission.

"We believe that it is a more accurate descriptor of what I’m being asked to do on a daily basis," said Fogarty. "Space, cyberops, et cetera, they’re all in this information environment. . . . We have to be able to integrate all of these operations very, very effectively to give us the advantage that we believe we require to operate in this increasingly more contested environment."

Fogarty added the Army currently does not operate at the speed required to achieve information dominance. Last August, he said the service should consider a host of options to combat threats in cyberspace instead of limiting itself to just cyber.